Annapurna Base Camp VS Everest Base Camp

  • March 26, 2018
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trekking-to-the-summitWhen talking about trekking every trekker wonders on trekking to either Everest Base camp trek or Annapurna Base camp trek. These two trekking are the most popular and visited area in Nepal. It’s really a hard task to differentiate between Everest Base camp and Annapurna Base camp. So many of the tourists do both the trekking while they plan to visit Nepal. Here are some of the distinct feature of this two area which will help you chose the one between the two.

1. Flights

From the starting point to the end EBC seems to be difficult. For trekking, to Everest Base Camp you need to fly to Lukla airport. The airport is made in high up hills due to which the pilots only take the flights when the weather is perfect. Or if you won’t get the flights for several days you need to take the helicopter which is costly.

The starting point of Annapurna Base Camp is Pokhara. Pokhara is easily accessible from Kathmandu either take a flight or bus. The flights get canceled or delay only in rare cases.

2. Difficulty Level

For both the trekking you need to be physically fit as you have to walk for a long hour and climb up the hills. You need to check your fitness level and consult the travel expert either you are fit and fine to trek or not while planning to visit either one from both. Similarly, Annapurna Base Camp is shorter than the Everest Base Camp so many of the people may think it is easier. But while you climb up, the weather may go down and the temperature may decrease.

3. Trekking

The routes of Annapurna Base Camp is wider than Everest. People usually trek to Everest to experience the highest peak of the world and also the Gokyo lake as well as the lesser trekked high pass “Cho La Pass”. But Annapurna region has a lot of trails to chose for while trekking, among them many of them don’t go above 2000 m altitude.

4. The Scenario

Everest region is popular for the highest peak Mt Everest and also many other peaks that you will find while trekking to Base Camp. If you are planning to experience the mountains, Lake and the lesser passed trails than Everest Base Camp is the best choice for you. However, Annapurna is different than Everest base camp. It begins with fertile lower foothills combining the terraced rice fields, oak forests, and rhododendrons. Not only this Annapurna is great for those people who love the mountains and Himalayas.

5. Communities

In Everest region, you will find the traditional Sherpa people whereas Annapurna is populated mostly by Gurungs. Both the communities have distinct tradition and culture.


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