The best off-season Treks in Nepal

PasupatinathNepal is a well-known destination for trekking. Many tourists from around the world visit Nepal yearly. The beautiful view, stunning mountains, Heritage sites, historical places, arts and architecture, distinct culture is what makes Nepal a chosen destination for many.

For trekking in Nepal, there are major seasons when lots of tourists from different countries are seen. But there are the seasons when the number of tourists coming to Nepal decreases. However, there are some advantages in traveling to Nepal in Off-season. They are:

  • Less crowd
  • Affordable compared to the seasoned trekking
  • Can be the best time for Adventure activities
  • Try different types of trekking rather than going uphills.

The best off-seasons trek in Nepal are:

1. Jomsom Muktinath Trekking

The trekking to Jomsom Muktinath takes you to Pokhara thru the Valley of Kali Gandaki River to the Pilgrimage site of Muktinath. It is a part of the Annapurna Circuit Trek and prevails as one of the most admired and classic pilgrimage tour.

2. Everest view trek

Everest view trekking is appropriate for amateur’s trekkers who have a short time to spend and unique preference to see world’s highest mountain. This trekking will no longer take you to the Base Camp of Everest, however, will provide you the possibility to revel in the active tradition of Sherpa people and the glimpse of the strong Everest.

3. Annapurna Panoramic trek

It is a short trek that passes through the different ethnic group, culture, great Mountain View and wild into nature. Annapurna view trek offers a great variety of beautiful landscapes, nature & culture of the central Himalayan.

4. Sightseeing tour

Nepal is one of the best countries in the world for a cultural and historical sightseeing tour with its long history, fascinating art and distinctive and varied architecture. Nepal Sightseeing tour proves to be an eccentric tourist’s paradise in every sense of adventure, Himalayas, river, religious, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, Temples, museums, cultural and world heritage sites.

There are still a lot of Trekking which can be done in off-season For details visit: AbovetheHimalaya


4 reasons to visit Nepal in 2018

“DREAM DESTINATION OF MANY” Nepal is a beautiful country with amazing things to experience. Nepal is popularly known for its natural beauty and is attracting many tourists yearly. People who come to Nepal once will always want to visit it the next time because of its natural phenomena. The country comprises of distinct cultural, kind-hearted people, the highest mountain in the world, 10 world heritage sites, lots of trekking routes and much more which make it different and the chosen destination.

Some of the reason to visit Nepal in 2018 are given below:

1. New and reconstructed placesBoudhanath

Due to the devastating earthquake in 2015, Nepal lost many of its cultural and natural heritage. Lots of living and nonliving things were destroyed. Even though we can’t bring back the living thing but the nonliving things like preserved heritage have been constructed or newly made and now it is safe to visit Nepal. The reconstruction was possible because of the help from many of our friendly nations.

2. Mountainsyala peak

We are all familiar that Nepal is a mountainous country. There are 1310 peaks above 6000 meters and 8 peaks above 8000 meters. Among all the mountains 238 are opened for climbing. Similarly, the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest lies in Nepal. For those who are really eager for climbing up, Nepal is the best choice for them to explore.

3. Adventurous activitiesBungee jumping

White Water Rafting, Jungle Safari, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking, Paragliding/ Parahawking, Canyoning, Zip Flyer, Heli-Skiing are the activities which are popular among tourists around the world. The natural structure of Nepal makes it possible to perform all these activities. So, we can say that Nepal is a perfect destination for the adventure traveler.

4. Tasty foodNepali-Food

Nepalese foods are tasty. With different culture and tradition, the foods also vary. The main food of Nepal is Daal(Pulse), Bhat(rice) and Tarkari (vegetable) which is eaten daily by the people living in Nepal. Besides, the people coming to Nepal will also love the other cuisine like Newari dish, Mo: Mo(Meat or Vegetable Filled Dumpling), Sherpa dish, Chatamari, Dheedo(Cornmeal, Millet or Buckwheat Porridge), Aloo Tama(Bamboo Shoots, Potatoes), Juju Dhau(Special Yoghurt) and so forth. There are lots of restaurant in Nepal where you can eat your own kind of dish if you want to.


Comprehensive Guide for Trekking In Nepal

ABC-trekTrekking is a long hike to beautiful places where one can experience the natural scenario. Trekking in Nepal can be adventures as well as a challenging journey for people. With the stunning views and popular mountains, Nepal is the dream destinations of many.

Here is the comprehensive guide for trekking in Nepal for those who are wishing to travel to Nepal:

1. Best Time to travel

Generally, people like to visit places when the weather is cool and without rainfall. The peak seasons to travel to Nepal is fall and spring. Fall from October – November, and spring from March – April. In this seasons the air is fresh and skies clear with the best views. Similarly, in other seasons also one can visit Nepal. It can be the time when there won’t be the crowd of many tourists which may be a rewarding journey for you.

2. Trekking agencies

There are hundreds of trekking companies in Nepal. Before coming to Nepal it’s better to look after the best agency which will help you throughout from pick up to departure.

3. Guide and porter

Guide and porter are the most if you are new to Nepal. They will guide you through the way and make sure that you are comfortable. It is always better to hire a licensed guide so that you won’t face problem later. Also, hire a guide who knows the English language and have the idea of the place you are visiting.

4. Pack as per the need

Always pack the basic equipment that is necessary for the Trek. For details click here.

5. Know about the trekking safety

Nepal comprises of trekking from easy to difficult one. Before going, you need to understand the level of trekking so that it will make you easy while you are on trek. Do not miss first aid kit while coming for trekking in Nepal.

There are still a lot of things that one needs to know before trekking in Nepal. For more go to Abovethehimalaya

Tips for biking up to the mountains

mountain-bikingBiking up to the mountains is one of the most challenging activities in Nepal. Most of the people who come to Nepal enjoy Mountain Biking. They have the positive response to it as it is an amazing sport.

There are some Tips that you need to know before going for Mountain Biking.

  • While you go for the Mountain biking, always take a comfortable bike with you.
  • Be aware of the routes that you travel and always take a professional person who can guide you throughout the tour.
  • Always carry the repair kit and the bare essentials. You may never know when will your bike needs maintenance. Also, learn some skills to repair your bike.
  • Travel with friends or get a company of people. Biking alone may get boring as you have to bike up high to the mountains.
  • Never carry lots of stuff with you. It will be uneasy for you to ride.
  • Chose the right time for biking when the days are warm and don’t have to worry about rainfall.
  • Make sure that you have the plenty of time for this activity as you have to rest on the way too and enjoy the beautiful scenario.
  • Practice going to the small mountains before the challenging ones.

Places worth keeping in your travel list

Many of you plan to visit new and safe places to spend vacations either with your loved ones or solo. You may be wondering which place to visit. There are lots of opportunities to go for. Among them, Nepal can be your best choice as it is one of the most beautiful country where you will be amazed and overwhelmed with the natural scenario. The places in Nepal are worth visiting once in a lifetime.

Some of the places of Nepal that you can keep in your Travel list are:

1. Kathmandu cityBisket_Jatra

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Even though it is a crowded city but is considered as the city of ancient art, sculpture, and religion. Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath are the Temples that you will love visiting. Similarly, the museums, old palaces, art galleries, ancient gardens, and parks are what makes Kathmandu city distinct from the other. Being a capital city, one can easily find affordable accommodation and the restaurants where you can have food by your choice.

2. Pokharaskydiving

Pokhara is known for the popular destinations of many tourists who come to visit Nepal. The city is clean and crowd-free. David falls, Mahendra cave, Fewa lake, are the most attraction of Pokhara. Sarankot is the viewpoint from where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Likewise, Pokhara is the best place for adventurous activities. Known for the tourist destination you will be able to find the hotels and lodge but they are a bit expensive as compared to Kathmandu city.

3. ChitwanElephant-Safari

Chitwan is the small city in Nepal and famous for the natural inhabitants. The famous National park “Chitwan National Park” lies here. The astonishing part of Chitwan is the safaris. You can go for jungle safari, Elephant safari and more. Also, the elephant bath and Tharu cultural dance will amaze you. You will find the best hotels and lodges in Chitwan.

4. Everest regionMount-Everest

Everest region is famous for the highest mountain in the world “Mt. Everest”. Many people from around the world come to Nepal yearly to view or reach the highest summit of the world. You will enjoy the kind and welcoming habits of the Sherpa’s in this region. The most done trekking in this region is Everest Base camp Trekking which will give you the chance to reach the base camp and view the highest peak. Being a rural area everything is imported from the cities so the accommodations and food are expensive there. It’s better to visit with a guide who will help you out with all those stuff as well as carry your luggage too.

5. Annapurna regionABC-trek

The beautiful region of Nepal with the mountains like Annapurna I, II, III, IV (the ones of Annapurna South peaks), Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna region has been attracting many people. The main attraction of this region is Annapurna peak, Muktinath Temple, the deepest gorge of world Kali Gandaki, Tilicho Lake and Thorang La Pass. The Tibetan Lifestyle of people and kind heart will make you visit the place more and more. Similar to Everest region, the accommodations and food are expensive.

6. Langtang ValleyLangtang-Valley

Langtang is the most visited destination as it is easily accessible from Kathmandu city by air or by bus. The places in Langtang are naturally blessed where one can enjoy each and every moment they spend. Helambu trek and Gosaikunda Trek are the most done Trekking of Langtang. Similarly, you can visit the Langtang National park too. The Langtang Lirung (7246m), Gang Chhenpo (6388m), Naya Kangri (5846m), Yala peak (5700m) and Dorji Lhakpa (6966m) are some of the peaks of this region. Langtang area consists over 70 glaciers of different sizes and holy lakes; including Gosaikunda, Parvatikunda, Bhairavkunda, Dudhkunda which are the religious places of Hindus and Buddhists.

7. MustangMustang trek

Mustang is the remote area of Nepal. The lifestyle of people in Mustang is distinct and traditional. With the natural view, you can learn about the tradition and culture of people while visiting mustang. Panoramic views of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and numerous distinctive peaks will be the eye-catching moment. Similarly, Kali-Gandaki valley, big spaces around Kagbeni and big ridges, are the other attraction of this place. As it is the remote area, the accommodation and food may be expensive.

8. ManasluMt-Manaslu

Manaslu is the restricted area in Nepal where one can enter only with the permit. About 10 peaks of over 6500 meters are situated here. Manaslu Conservation area is the main highlights of this place. Mt. Himalchuli, Mt. Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu (eight,163m) itself and different other mountains view will be a breathtaking moment. You can easily find the accommodation but may be expensive compared to the cities in Nepal.

There are also other places you can visit in Nepal. for the info on those places click here.

Nepal-Still a Great Place to Visit

Tengboche-monasteryAs we all know, Nepal is a beautiful country surrounded by the Himalayas. The natural sites, heritage sites, and the distinct culture are what makes Nepal different from other. The world’s highest peak Mt Everest, 10 of the World’s Heritage sites and the birthplace of Gautam Buddha is the key factor that is attracting many tourists to visit Nepal. Not only this but there are lot more things in Nepal which makes one fall in love with it.

After the devastating Earthquake in April 2015, many people were killed and lots of places, as well as heritages, got damaged in Nepal. About 10 billion USD were damaged. The Earthquake even hampered the Tourism sector of Nepal. The total population of Tourist coming to Nepal rapidly decreased. However, with the help of friendly countries and the government, the damaged places and heritages are under construction. Even many of them are ready to be visited. This is why we can say that Nepal is still a Great Place to visit.

Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang valley, Mustang and so forth are most popular vicinity and is the choice of many. Similarly, You can go to the places in Kathmandu valley too like Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa, museums, etc. Likewise, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Nagarkot, are also favorable to visit. Most of the places are already constructed so as to promote the tourism sector in Nepal and make a better place to visit.

There is no need to worry about if you are planning to Travel to Nepal. Nepal is still a safe and peaceful place to visit.


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