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  • August 1, 2017
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Nepal is a country with the magnificent Himalayas, green lush valleys, splendid lakes, rich cultural and traditional that attracts the tourist from all over the globe. Nepal is a country of multiple attractions that has become the best destination to travel in every year. The climate of Nepal varies according to the seasons due to its geographical landscape. If you are planning to visit Nepal for sightseeing or trekking autumn and spring are considered as the best seasons to travel to Nepal. The Favorable weather determines the number of tourists and the choice of the destination at the time of travel. Trekking in rainfall and hot weather is really difficult as the trail becomes muddy, full of leech. &the mountains are covered with clouds.

Best time to travel

Here’s an overview of the seasons that will guide for the best time to travel Nepal:


The tourist season autumn is the best season that starts from early September & ends too early December which is just after the monsoon. The monsoon rain washes away all the dust and dirt of the environment & makes the weather favorable for trekking. If you are planning to go sightseeing and trekking in Nepal than this is the best and most popular time to visit Nepal. The weather in autumn is pleasant, clear & good visibility with warm days and cold nights at higher altitude. During the autumn the views of the mountains are awfully clear and give the best views of the mountains. More than thousand people come to Nepal yearly to explore the Everest and Annapurna regions. Due to the peak climbing season, it will be hard to find a good room and the prices are higher too.


In winter the weather is basically cold. Some of the trekking is more challenging in high altitude and the trail will be blocked due to snowfall in winter that starts from early mid-December to mid-Feb. There will be freezing temperature, cold night and morning in the winter. The weather in winter is mostly clear and calm so it is the best time to visit Terai. Also, the load shedding problem occurs in winter and many lodges of mountains remain closed due to highly cold in winter. But if you can bear cold than trekking in winter is okay with clear visibility as the daytime is mild and nights is very cold in winter. The cities are clear so you can explore Kathmandu during winter. As there will be the lower tourist the price will be cheaper for accommodation. In early winter trekking to Annapurna, Everest and climbing Chulu, Island and Mera peak is fully popular.


Spring is another tourist season to visit Nepal for trekking that starts from Mid February to Mid April. In earlier, the climate is cold especially at night and gets gradually warm. During spring different flowers and rhododendrons bloom in the hills which provide you a panoramic view of your trekking trail. The view of the mountain will less due to fog which makes your sightseeing little difficult. This time is considered as the perfect time for wildlife view of the year. The longer day trekking is best in this time as the temperature is pleasant and warm but there is the scanty traveler in trekking trail. It is a beautiful time to travel for a nature lover. With begin of the spring, the valley & forest is covered with abundant greenery.


It is also known as monsoon season that begins from mid-May to early September. Generally trekking in the summertime is tough, the weather is hot and the rainfall occurs almost every day which makes the trails really difficult as the trail becomes muddy  & full of leech-infested. But for visit during this time in Nepal is fantastic for sightseeing as there will be green shoots of lush green valleys, blooming flowers and flowing water in the fields. The view of the mountains is rare & usually hidden by cloud. The trekking trail may be blocked by flood & landslides, and the chance of flights canceled due to unfavorable weather. However trekking in the Trans Himalayan region such as Dolpo, Mustang is possible

In this way, climate factor plays a very important role in deciding on the best time to travel in Nepal. We are eager to organize different trips to Nepal and talk through when and where to go to plan and book your trip.




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