Buddha Jayanti festival in Nepal

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in the terms of unique cultural diversity. Different types of festival are celebrated among the communities due to the cultural diversity in Nepal.12744120_1101152639903121_7750135915156702114_n Among all the festival Buddha Jayanti is one of the greatest festivals for Buddhist that generally falls in full moon day in the month of April or May. It is a festival which is celebrated in the remembering of Lord Buddha. This favorable day is dedicated to Lord Buddha. It is believed that during the full moon day Buddha was born and celebrated as Buddha Jayanti, Buddha Purnima or Swanya Punhi.

During this day the government of Nepal has declared public holiday for the celebration of Buddha Jayanti. This festival is mostly celebrated around the Buddhist Monuments of Nepal they are Swyanbhunath Stupa, Lumbini, Bouddhanath Stupa etc. and near to this temple different image of Buddha & scroll are kept for display.  Devotes from all over the countries gather from early morning to worship and walk around the shrines in ritual circumlocution on this auspicious day. Devotees offer butter lamps, rice, flower, coins etc on this day. Various prayer ceremonies are organized during Buddha Jayanti.

This festival is not only celebrated in Nepal but also in different country. In this day all the Buddhist Monuments are decorated well with colorful flags and flower. Devotes spent entire day in Vihara with group meditation, lectures on Buddhist Scripture, worship the Lord Buddha statue, eat kheer  and share food & cloth with poor people. Not only Buddhist but also Hindu celebrates this festival. The reason to celebrate this festival is to memorized birth & death of Lord Buddha and to attainment knowledge. If you are you are planning to visit Nepal during this festival it can be amazing lifetime experience and you can be witness& participate in this event. We highly recommended you to join our Tour in Nepal during your visit in Nepal.

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