Cultural Treasures of Nepal

Nepal is a country with full of cultural wonders & Varieties. After the establishment of democracy, Nepal was opened to the outside world.  Nepal is a Multi-cultural, Multi-racial and Multi-ethnic nation.All the Nepalese culture was germinated, developed & protected from very begging of the centuries. In all over the world Nepalese culture has become known & the most popular culture. The cultural event only occurs in Nepal with the participants of the people from community. Nepalese culture is also known as rainbow culture. Every people will get chance to see the different colors of festival and rituals in every parts of Nepal. The diversity in culture leads to the diversity in people’s life style, food/cuisine, dress, customs, Manners and jewelry which is quite unique from one another. Where ever you visit in our country you can find the unity in diversity in Nepal.
Here are the lists of some cultural treasure of Nepal:

Ethnic Groups: All the ethnic group of Nepalese people has their own identity and cultural heritage. Each of the ethnic group people speaks different language. Their life style, dress, customs, food, religion, belief etc are different from one another. They have their own myths, music, cultural dance, songs and legends   which are also different.

Religion: People living in Nepal practice different religion. Among all the religions Hindu are in majority and rest of other is Buddhist. Nepalese people respect and give due regard to all religions. They perform different rituals and rites that are different from one community to another. The religion of Nepal has done great influence in the culture, arts, architecture and the way of life.

Pilgrimage sites: There are numerous of pilgrimage site in Nepal for both Hindus and Buddhist from ancient time. Some of the famous pilgrimage sites for Hindus are Pashupatinath Temple, Changunarayan Temple, Janakpur, Muktinath etc. similarly, for Buddhist Swyamnbhu, Bouddhanath, Lumbini etc are the most famous pilgrimage site. There are dozens of temple and scared sites in Nepal which have unique features & hold techniques of craftsmanship for centuries.

Festival: People in Nepal celebrate many more festival in order to make their life happy and colorful. Different religion of Nepal plays vital role to celebrate festival in Nepal. Mostly Hindu and Buddhist are behind to run all the festivals of Nepal. Many more Jatras are celebrated here among the communities. It is also said that there is not a single day passed in Nepal without a festival in somewhere. All the festivals are celebrated with the presence of the local community of people.

UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites:  Nepal is beautiful country which is also known to be the home of 8 UNESCO cultural world Heritage sites. All the monuments offer the unique combination of outstanding historical, religious, artistic and architecture value in Nepal. The complex architectural heritage of Nepal is responsible for beautifying and adding wings to the cultural treasure in Nepal. Each & every heritage site of Nepal reflects the history of Nepal.

In this way there are many cultural treasures in Nepal that can touch your heart. We would like to suggest the visitor to enjoy all our cultural treasure of Nepal and recommend you to join Tour in Nepal  during your holidays in Nepal.

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