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  • July 9, 2018
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Honey hunting tourHoney Hunting is an ancient activity of collecting honey from the wild bee colonies. It is performed by crushing the wild bees with smoke cracking the rock or trees where the colonies of bees are located.

How is Honey conquered from a wild bee?

The honey from wild bees located on the rock or trees is harvested by using the ladder and ropes. The honey hunter hang themselves to the cliff high above using ladder specially made from bamboo and a rope made from sturdy fabric.

Honey Hunting in Nepal

Honey hunting is a part of traditional behavior in Nepal. The activity has been performed from the centuries till now. Mainly, the Gurung tribespeople performs it in the west to the central part of Nepal. In the Himalayan low hills of central Nepal, the men collectively gather themselves to the cliff to the home of world’s largest honeybee “Apis laboriosa” (Himalayan giant honey bee) twice a year to collect the honey. The tradition has been followed from many years that the men harvest the honey bee in the Himalayas.

Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

Nepal is known as the best place to honey hunt. The tour of Honey hunting is gradually rising in Nepal due to the favorable environment and the honey hunters with exceptional skills of it.

Honey hunting falls under the adventurous activity tour in Nepal as you have to climb the cliff located on the rock where the giant bees are found to harvest the honey. With honey hunting, the tour includes the unusual and surprising scene of Nepal. There are at least five different species of Honeybee in Nepal. This tour can be a challenging tour for those with knowledge of rock climbing and are brave enough to take the risk. There is the chance of viewing and experiencing the traditional honey harvest of the Gurung people and the experience the natural view of those places in the Himalayas.

Some facts and highlights of Honey hunting Tour in Nepal:

Duration: 08 days
Best time :
April 15 to May 15
November to Early December
Place of Tour:
Bhujung, GhaleGaun, Pasgaun, Nai Chi, Naya Gaon, ludhi, Budhi Gandaki Valley
The process of Huney hunting: takes 2 to 3 hours depending on location and size beginning with prayer, a sacrifice of flowers, rice, and fruits.

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