How to Prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

  • October 25, 2017
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Heaven on earth, Everest Base Camp is a dream destination for many. But not everyone gets to experience the heavenly beauty. Nestled with mountains and snowy plains, the Everest Base Camp trek is alive with energy. This gives you the lifetime opportunity to discover the remote monastic caves, the life of Sherpa’s, their culture & traditions. The journey takes you to the fabled Khumbu Ice Fall and its towering seracs to the 5600 meters summit of Kalapathar. The vibrant and unobstructed view of mountain range, sunrise, and the chilly wind at the top is definitely a stunning experience. It includes total 16 days of the trek with 6-7 hours of continuous walk daily. Every time the Everest region will welcome you with its diversified flora and fauna.Everest

But this legendary trip comes along with equal challenge and adventure. We all know, Trekking in the Himalayas is a serious challenge which requires significant preparation. Definitely, there are many risks going on the high altitudes of Everest Base Camp, but it can be safe if done correctly. For that, you need to prepare before heading. And for preparation I would suggest you follow these aspects:

Training and Fitness

Everest is the region with extreme weather conditions and many other obstacles. For tackling them you should be properly trained and fit. You should be in good enough shape for the trek.

You should consult your doctor, get a physical examination, and make sure your body is functioning the way it should be. This also makes sure your body can handle the conditions well there. You should practice carrying standard weight, handle the low air pressure, and withstand high winds and low temperatures.

Be prepared mentally, physically, and financially as it is said ‘Train hard, fight easy’. Focus especially on strengthening legs, core strength, and endurance. Also, don’t forget to take enough diet.

Basically, training can be divided into following categories:

  • Cardiovascular Training – Perform a cardio training at least 6 months before the trek, for about 30 minutes and four times a week. This helps to strengthen heart & lungs and also increase bone density. You can carry your day-pack or a weighted vest to accommodate your back and shoulders. Besides, swimming, cycling, climbing, etc can also be done.
  • Strength Training – Conditioning your leg muscles, shoulders, abdomen & back, should be an integral part of your preparation. It helps to increase your stamina and improve strength endurance. Aside from aerobic and cardiovascular training, start doing key strength training routines like pull ups, sit ups, presses and crunches. They maintain the proper form of body to prevent injury or possible strain. Increase the frequency and duration of the routines simultaneously, but make sure not to train beyond overexertion.


  • Trekking and Altitude Conditioning – This training is for high hills and slopes that you will be walking. Go for hikes, treks, or normal walks. To adapt the altitude of EBC, try to ascend around 2,000 feet of trail with sufficient loads on your back. You can try to increase the mileage, load, and speed in each trek. Nowadays, there is special technology known as altitude gym which can lower the normal oxygen level and create higher altitude condition.


  • Mental Conditioning – Well, I would say this tryout is the most significant of all. If you aren’t prepared in your mind, it would be impossible to complete the journey. There might be many obstacles on your way. Be calm and have patience. Get in your mind the journey is not easy but you can handle every challenge with optimism. You can train your mind through meditation and yoga.

Picking up ‘The Right’ Gears

Everest Base Camp trek is not a technical climb but saying so it is not even that easy. You should be ready for every way. And the preparation is incomplete without sufficient gears. How you prepare for the trip makes a huge difference in how you enjoy the trek.

There are a number of essentials that you need for EBC trek to ensure its safety and success. But few things are of utmost importance.

While packing, don’t forget essential items like passport, permits, travel insurance, and enough cash. Talking about the clothing items, trekking boots, and down jacket are a must.


  • Trekking Boots: During the trek, you will be walking for long hours every day. You don’t want to injure yourself. Thus, you need trekking boots with proper traction and makes you feel comfortable. For that, you will need proper waterproof and comfy trekking boots to protect from hazards of the cold and rocky trails.


I usually suggest taking your running shoes for the trek. They are extremely comfortable with walking high and long distances. Plus, they are breathable too. Most importantly, running shoes protect your feet from minor injuries to major like plantar fascistic, tendinitis, pronation, etc.

Get yourself a pair of best women’s running shoes for plantar fasciitis.

  • Down Jacket: While trekking at a high altitude of EBC, it will be extremely cold. The chilly wind can easily get on your nerve and cause severe problems like nausea, headache, frostbite, pneumonia etc. Moreover, the uneasiness may cause altitude sickness. Thus, make sure to warm your chest and head.

    Nothing helps to beat the cold like a high-quality down jacket. Before taking one, don’t forget to check necessary features, material, and down fill power. You have the option to buy or rent it in Kathmandu.If you don’t have any idea regarding them, simply go through best down jacket of 2017. This will certainly help you find a better one.Other essentials include sleeping bags, water bottles, sun hat, gloves, sunscreens, medications, personal health requirements, and many others.


    For making these preparations successful, don’t forget to take well-balanced diet for good level of health. Also, while you are on the trek, follow correct acclimatization schedule and have rest as much as possible.Keep yourself hydrated; drink 4 to 5 liters of water each day. Have a slow, relaxed walk and help you body accommodate the oxygen level to keep away fatigue. Keep in mind that you are traveling to one of the most beautiful places on this planet. So please do not rush. Embrace the vibrancy of this wonderful region.

    Respect the culture and the people whom you will definitely find very friendly. Take your time and take wonderful memories from this legendary trekking route.

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