How to save money while trekking in Nepal

  • March 16, 2018
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namasteEvery traveler wants to travel new places with the low budget. Compared to many of the tourist destination countries, Nepal is the cheap place to visit where you can Travel on a low budget. But there are some places in Nepal too where you have to pay a huge amount.

Here are some tips to those who want to save money while trekking in Nepal.

  • It’s always better to trek with a professional guide as they have the knowledge about the cost of things that you buy on the way and you don’t have to pay a high amount.
  • Find a trekking company as you will to pay the exact amount where all your expenses will be included and you don’t have to pay extra.
  • There are lots of shop in Thamel where the trekking equipment are sold or kept on rent. They are not the original one but works well which will help you save some money.
  • In the mountainous region, you will have to pay for even charging your phone. So, it’s better to take a solar charger or power bank.
  • Do not spend your money by giving it to the beggars around the city because there are a lot of beggars in Nepal and you may be out of cash.
  • Before coming to take some time surfing the net about the cost of things and compare it. This will help to save some amount.
  • Carry the thing that is necessary for you. Pack your bag smartly as this will save the money you will pay for the porter and can carry your bag yourself.
  • Instead of staying in tea houses the best way to save money is to camp. You don’t have to pay for the room as you will have your own tents. Such tents and other camping related equipment can be found in the stores in Kathmandu.
  • If your trekking equipment get damaged it’s better to repair it rather than buying new

If there are other things that will help save money while trekking in Nepal feels free to comment below. Your small help can save a lot.

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