How to Select Best Trekking Company in Nepal

Traveling in a foreign land is full of surprises and may be some time complicated. So before going for any kinds of trekking or holidays activities you firstly need to know about the company or agencies that you are going to travel with. Gather some information about the company which will be helpful for your full satisfaction and safety through out the trek.

Trekking business in Nepal is a legal, authorized business but some of the company runs it on self basis making fraud with the government. Initially be sure that it is legal, government registered agency and acts as the legal formalities imposed by the country act. Be careful to examine about their working experience and the expiry of the trekking license also. Always be clear about the taxes you paid to the government and the amount you paid for different trekking permits or fares. This will help for imposing the reliability and safety responsibility over the company. We have provided you some of the hints for considerations that would help prior to confirm your journey with any trekking or travel agencies –

  • Has the company been registered as one of the government authorized?
  • Is the company associated to various other government authorities or not such as TAAN, KEEP, NTB etc.?
  • Are you safe traveling with this company; read the various testimonials of previous trekkers?
  • Examine the working experience and reliability of the agencies as well as guides and porters.
  • Is the agency members involved in any kinds of crimes or illegal things business in the name of trekking?
  • Make inquiry from the Embassy.

We hope this slice of queries will help for your trekking journey and assist to select the best trekking company in Nepal. Be rational and be careful in selecting the best trekking agency assuring your security and full adventurous holidays in Nepal.

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