Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle safari is the most popular exotic that fulfill the wish to have a great wildlife safari experience in Nepal for life time. As Nepal stands as a unique destination for nature which has become one of the most favorite destination for mountain trekkers & nature lover. Varieties of flora and fauna are found in every corner of Nepal which makes Nepal, the perfect destination for jungle safari.
Nepal is also k11027517_918255961550114_2541525816003222869_nnown as the biggest natural museum in the world. On the basis of the significant two natural heritages site in Nepal are recognized by the UNESCO. One is famous for the Himalaya in Everest region i.e. Sagarmatha National Park and another is famous for dense tropical forest vibrant with wildlife i.e. Chitwan National Park.

You will find the mixture of Sal forest with grassland and riverine forest in this area. Various activities like bird watching, elephant riding, canoe ride, naturel walk come under the jungle safari package in Nepal. Similarly you can discover tradition and unique culture of the local people during your trip.  You will also get chance to view the most of the greatest variety of wildlife. To view wild animals in natural habitat Jungle safari in Nepal can be done with an expert naturalist.

The highlight of the trip will the cultural dance performed by locals. Especially the jungle safari packages are performed in Chitwan and Bardia National park where you can see the different types of animals like one horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tiger, wild boar, monkeys, elephant, wild buffalo, deer, musk, leopard, Gharial crocodile, wild boar, sloth bear etc. Jungle safari in Nepal is one of the best experiences that can be for life time. Nepal is a fantasy destination for natural beauties to enjoy in Nepal. Jungle safaris in Nepal will absolutely beautiful experience that you should not forget while in Nepal. You will get chance to go into the deep jungle on jeep or four wheel drive and elephant back to see the natural habitat of the wild animals.

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