Kathmandu sightseeing tour

  • March 3, 2019
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Kathmandu is the political, commercial and cultural hub of Nepal. It is full of natural beauty with historical and holistic places. This is known as the living museum and abode of Gods because both of the deities of Buddhists and Hindus are well-kept side by side with their ancient animistic beliefs. To experience different culture and religion within the same place Kathmandu sightseeing tour is the best choice.

The sightseeing tour of Kathmandu starts from Swoyambhunath stupa. The stupa of Swoyambhunath is one of Nepal’s most distinctive and memorable landmarks related to Buddhist shrines. After, we will be continuing the tour to Kathmandu Durbar Square, the oldest former royal palaces in Kathmandu also known as Hanuman Dhoka. This is the home of Living Goddess as Kumari, a virgin girl. We then watch the typical Newari village Bungmati, Khokana and Patan Durbar Square. Newar is one of the popular ethnic groups of Nepal to survive their tradition of celebrating the carnivals and ceremonies. Patan Durbar Square is another World Heritage Sites listed in UNESCO in 1979. It is popular as the city of fine arts. Patan Durbar Square is situated at the center of Lalitpur district.

Continuing the city tour of Bhaktapur we will also visit Dhulikhel, one of the Newari villages to the southern part of Kathmandu. Bhaktapur is the city of devotees and is renowned for its elegant art, fabulous culture, colorful festivals, traditional dances, and typical Newar lifestyles.

Kathmandu sightseeing tour is not only the tour of Kathmandu but also it is the chance to experience and learn valuable insights into multiple diverse ethnic groups, their lifestyles, social structure, behavior, traditions, religions, and beliefs.

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