Manakamana: The Goddess Who Grants the Wishes of the People

  • June 5, 2016
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Manakamana the temple of the goddess is situated on the top of a hill in Gorkha district. It is one the most adore and visited pilgrimage site in Nepal where you can reach there by the means of cable car from Kurintar.Temples in Nepal This is a unique temple with Nepalese traditional roofed.  The most attractive thing of this temple is two tire copper roof and wood carving in struts, windows & door. Similarly, the wind bells and red banners hanged below the roofs make the temple more eyes catching. The bronze flag called Patahs hanged in the first floor of the roof and tympanum of the main entrance is another attraction of this temple.

It is believed that the king Prithvi Narayan Shah has built this temple. It is one of the richest temples in Nepal in the context of artifacts and decors. The figure of Durga & Kali is hanged on the wall of Temple.  The main gate of the temple with a lion holding flag is kept on the top of the stone pillar and four Bhairav figures in its four corners.  The pujari or priest performs daily prayers and ritual in the temple by closing doors offering eggs, orange, rice, red powder and strips of cloth to the deities. After the ritual worship, the shrine is opened to the public for worship.

The goddess Manakamana is also known as wish fulfilling deity because people believe that the Manakamana Devi fulfills the wishes of the people. After performing tantric worshipping in the morning the sacrifices of animals and birds are done. On every full moon day, a goat is sacrificed as an offering from the state. Both Hindu and Buddhist worship Goddess Manakamana. During winter the ridge appears as an island in the sea of the morning, the most spectacular view includes of deep valleys, terraced field and the Manaslu Himchuli and Annapurna ranges.

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