Most Important Trekking Tips to Remember

  • July 27, 2014
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The art of trekking can prove to be the hardest thing to learn and yet this is one of the easiest tasks a living organism’s body can perform.

Therefore before embarking on this, let’s say if you want to go on a mountain climbing mission, you need to consider the following factors:
Trekking tips

Obtain Trekking Maps

· This is one of the most important items you should never miss to carry with you if you are going on trekking missions for example hiking.

· Trekking maps will enable you to have an idea of where you are heading to as well as to know your coordinates well and the distance.

· These items i.e. trekking maps can be obtained from most tour firms at discounted prices to make your journey interesting and enjoyable.

Do Appropriate Exercise

· Doing appropriate body warm up exercise tends to relax one’s muscles which in turn makes the brain to be more alert and this is healthy.

· After you are through with the warm up exercises also remember to do some cool down exercises to get rid of the accumulated body waste.

· This is important for you since it breaks down the toxic body chemicals responsible for causing fatigue in human beings e.g. lactic acids.

Carry a First Aid Kit

· Another very important item to carry is a first aid kit since you will always never have a doctor or a nurse by your side during emergencies.

· Trekking activity is always done in the jungle where in most cases when a medical emergency arises there can be no immediate response.

· This is the most basic trekking and hiking equipment you need to carry in your travel bag and remember to keep it as light as possible.

Carry Enough Drinking Water

· As we all know trekking is energy consuming and in most cases will leave our bodies dehydrated hence the need to drink more water.

· You have to put into consideration that in most cases, trekking does take place in the jungle where there is no clean water readily available.

· If one arm themselves with enough bottle of clean drinking water, he/she will be safe since the chances of dehydration will be very minimal.

Arm Yourself With Appropriate Weapons

· Trekking in the jungle without any form of protection can be very dangerous, remember most snakes and other wild animals live there.

· It is advisable to carry a small hunting gun, a knife, a sword and maybe a whistle to defend yourself if you get attacked by any wild animal.

· After this ordeal, make sure that you report to the relevant and appropriate people as soon as possible to avoid getting into problems.

· The continent of America has very good parks in which any tourist from any part of the world can visit as long as they are eligible.

· If you intend to visit the USA make sure you undergo the ESTA procedure to know whether you are eligible to travel to America or not.

· The electronic system for travel authorization makes it easier for anyone who intends to travel to America to easily know their eligibility.



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