Muktinath: A Most Admire Pilgrimage Site for Both Hindus & Buddhist

Muktinath is one of the most frequented & famous pilgrimage places of the Himalayan Nation Nepal that lies in Mustang district with an attitude of 13000ft above sea level. Devotees from far places come to here to get their sins washed away. The main attraction of this temple is the three storey traditional Nepalese style temple of Lord Muktinath. It is situated at the foot of the Throng la Mountain pass which is so pleasant and quite place. The scenically view in the whole Kali Gandaki valley below Muktinath is more interesting. This is a holy place where both Hindu and Buddhist visit and get religious satisfaction.

10360683_1114801815204870_499748892610092933_nBeside the temple the 108 waterspout and the temple with the miraculous fire are the most important and interesting sites. Pilgrims hardly bathe due to the extremely cold spout and some drink at least few drop of water from each one. It is believed that after taking in this spout if the devotees pays honor to the deity he/she will get salvation. The temple roof is of copper and glided pinnacle with umbrella. Inside the temple you can see the bronze image of Vishnu, Laxmi, Saraswati and Garud. Buddhist also Worship Lord Vishnu as Lokwshwar. .

The wind bells in this temple lie below the roofs. As this temple is of Nepalese style it has carved trusts and lattice windows.  The main door facing to the west is one of the most decorated ones. There are two big prayer wheels in front of the temple which moves 24hrs by the current generated by the 108 water spouts. Mainly the deities are worshiped every day in the morning and evening unmarried local Buddhist girl as well as priest. Every year many pilgrims from Nepal and India visit this temple. At the floor level of temple there burns a blue flame fed by natural gas.

This temple is also known as Jawal Mai or Goddess of Fire and Nying-Ma-Pa call by Tibetans. It is also believed that the founder of Tibetan Buddhism had meditated at Muktinath on his way to Tibet. There are several Buddhist Monasteries around Muktinath and among them Narasingha Gumba is the most important one. It is also call the place of salivation as mostly the Hindu performs Shradha ritual on the bank of Kagbeni River and worship Muktinath with the belief that their ancestors will get salivation.

You will definitely fall in love with this temple and that will be your lifetime memorable.  We suggest you to join our Jomsom Muktinath Trek and take your time to enjoy every moment of your life.

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