Things to do during Everest Base Camp Trek

  • September 8, 2017
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Everest Many of you may think that Everest Base Camp Trek is just a trek where you go with a tent and reach the possible summit. But it is not the same as your thinking. Besides, there are lots of other things that one can do and collect experiences and memories.

Here are some of the things to do during Everest Base Camp Trek:

Explore the Camp

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp is the end place of the EBC Trek. There are many other groups getting ready for the Everest Expedition. You can visit the area around the Base Camp and meet many people from around the world with different nationalities and share the experience that you have collected while reaching the Base Camp. Similarly, with the hot coffee, one can enjoy watching the avalanches coming down the mountains and view the Himalayan ranges.

Explore Sherpa Museum

Sherpa museum

Bordered by Mount Thamserku in the east of Namche, there is Sherpa museum also called as Sagarmatha National Park museum. You can explore the Museum and take the picture of newly made statue of Babu Chiri Sherpa.

Visit Monasteries

Monastries in Everest

The monasteries of the Everest region are spiritually and culturally beneficial for the visitors. Most of the monasteries are in the up hill with the panoramic views of the mountain ranges.

Experience the Sherpa Life

Everest Region is mostly populated by the Sherpa communities. The lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the Sherpa’s are different than that of the other. During the EBC trek, you can visit their houses and closely experience the lifestyle and traditions that they follow.

Take Picture

Friendly people

Taking pictures has always been the best part of everyone’s journey. While you explore the Base Camp, you can take lots of pictures of beautiful mountains, avalanches, glaciers, traditional people and so forth.

Belgium Wafers

Belgium wafers

During the trek, one can try out the Belgium wafers in Namche Bazar. It is tasty as well as one will get the chance to taste different and new.

Ice Climb

Ice climbing

Ice climbing is the most interesting game that one should try in the EBC Trek. Only a few people try this. You can also enjoy watching and have fun.

Name on the stones of EBC

Stones in EBC

There are a lot of stones generated by the Icefall and glacier. You can write you name on it and take a picture which will be the different experience for you.



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