Things to do in Nepal

Things to do

Things to do

Nepal is a small, landlocked Southern Asian country, between China and India, which is an autonomous region. Eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world, and Lumbini, which is Gautama Buddha’s birthplace, can be found there. Despite its size, plenty of things to experience are offered by Nepal. Regardless of whether you are an adventure-lover or a scared pilgrim, regardless of whether you are on your own or traveling with your family or friends, there are many amazing things to do in Nepal.


There is no more fabulous scene than the mountains of Nepal. Nepal is a shelter for trekkers. Trekking to the highest mountain on earth with the some of the sincere and friendly people is a memorable. Walking in Nepal could be the best undertaking occasions trek as you increase important experiences of hard life style and firsthand knowledge of the different ethno societies as well as the valuation for nature. Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek and Mustang Trek are the most popular trekking trails in the Himalaya.

River Rafting:

Rafting at one of the highest rivers of the world, including the Bhotekoshi, can be enjoyed in Nepal. Another more popular program is the Trishuli River Rafting. The rapids there are always somewhere in between Grade 2 and Grade 4, depending on the season in which you visit. You can get the real experience of white water rafting as your travel through rapids of various in your raft.

Elephant Riding & Jungle Safari:

The Chitwan National Park is popular because of the elephant safari you can take from there into the jungle. Even in the Bardia National Park you can take an elephant safari. Dense habitat wildlife and natural beauties are offered at Chitwan National Park, with marshlands, rivers, savannas with different aquatic wildlife and land. Even gangetic dolphin, leopards, rhinoceros, sloth bears, tigers, and wild bison can be found at the Park. Even a bath can be taken with an elephant, and canoe ride and walk in the jungle can also be enjoyed there.


Phewa Lake has a bank where you can enjoy walking, where the Fish Tail Peak’s startling reflection can be admired in Phewa Lake’s blue waters. A boat can be taken around the Fewa Lake, which is Nepal’s second biggest lake. If you want to have a really memorable experience of visiting Pokhara, you should paddle in the Fewa Lake. Views of the Annapurna Himalayas can also be enjoyed there, especially the Fishtail (Machapuchhre) in the Fewa Lake’s blue-green waters. In Kathmandu, you can indulge in boating in the zoo’s pond.

Bungee Jumping:

If you are visiting Nepal, then one of the popular adventure activities that you should try is bungee jumping. Near the Tibetan Border, you can try one of the highest bungee jumps in the world. The Last Resort of Nepal also featured 5 of the highest bungee jumps in Asia. It is also probably the highest bungee jump in the world on a natural setting with Bhote Koshi River’s raging rapids and ragged rocks below.

Everest Mountain Flight:

Activities like flying over the Himalayas can be enjoyed on a mountain flight. A bird’s-eye view over the hundreds of peaks of the Himalayas is offered by the Everest Mountain Flight, which can prove to be a once-in -a-lifetime experience.

Mountain Biking:

A Mountain Bike Tour can also be taken from Lhasa to Kathmandu. In the tour, the extremely isolated and remote Himalayan ranges of Tibet are crossed, to enter a fascinating world of breathtaking scenery, timeless splendor and unique tradition that awaits you A customized Mountain Bike package can also be made to a variety of different destinations in Nepal.

Once you are in Nepal, the best way you can indulge in the above activities to drive by car, and if you have a provisional driving licence, then you can easily drive in Nepal as well.

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