Tips for biking up to the mountains

  • February 14, 2018
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mountain-bikingBiking up to the mountains is one of the most challenging activities in Nepal. Most of the people who come to Nepal enjoy Mountain Biking. They have the positive response to it as it is an amazing sport.

There are some Tips that you need to know before going for Mountain Biking.

  • While you go for the Mountain biking, always take a comfortable bike with you.
  • Be aware of the routes that you travel and always take a professional person who can guide you throughout the tour.
  • Always carry the repair kit and the bare essentials. You may never know when will your bike needs maintenance. Also, learn some skills to repair your bike.
  • Travel with friends or get a company of people. Biking alone may get boring as you have to bike up high to the mountains.
  • Never carry lots of stuff with you. It will be uneasy for you to ride.
  • Chose the right time for biking when the days are warm and don’t have to worry about rainfall.
  • Make sure that you have the plenty of time for this activity as you have to rest on the way too and enjoy the beautiful scenario.
  • Practice going to the small mountains before the challenging ones.

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