Trek to Gosainkunda Lake

  • November 14, 2018
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langtang-gosaikunda-helambu-trekStarting mindset towards trekking, Gosaikunda Lake can be one of the choices. The spiritual Kunda (Lake) is an alpine freshwater lake in Nepal’s Langtang National Park located at an altitude of 4380m in the Rasuwa District. It is a short trek from Kathmandu that takes 6 days to complete and is perfect for capturing beautiful scenarios of various lakes and surrounding peaks.

The trek provides a magnificent view of the snow capped peaks, the sub-tropical forest to alpine zone with Oak, Rhododendron, pine, etc. while climbing above the tree line. This trek also pledges to encounter the most endangered species ‘Red Panda’ and Himalayan black bear. This region is well known for pilgrim’s journey. There is spiritual faith, Lord Shiva is still found sleeping at the bottom of Gosainkunda Lake, but this has always remained a mystery.

The journey starts from the Kathmandu to Dhunche where the first night will be occupied with a small market and warm welcome by local people. Next morning, our real trek starts where you can see mystic mountain views with trails and beside that narrow trail, there are many giant waterfalls where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of a stream that is so captivating to make a beautiful memory.

Resting at the tea house for warm teas makes time more refreshing, and again trek can be rejoined. So after walking for 3 hours, we can reach a place named Deurali for lunch. There we can enjoy taking pictures of dense forest, and the snow-capped peaks with a smile on your face. After lunch, we climb to the tree line for about 3 hours and finally reach Chandanbari to rest and spend the night over there.

The very next day in the morning, our walk starts to Cholangpating and Lauribina which takes 1.5 hours to reach our ultimate destination, i.e., the holy Lake ‘Gosainkunda’. While reaching Gosaikunda, you will see two other lakes with beautiful views. The viewpoint of the lake is overlooking at the Langtang Valley and the full range of Himalayan Peaks. The rise in altitude can slow you down, but the scenery still makes you encouraged. Final look toward Gosaikunda lake energizes and fills you up with joy after those restless climbing.

The mystic lake surprises you when you find it completely frozen in the winter that shines when rays of sunlight strike upon its surface. Even after capturing those view within cameras and eyes our step to the destiny is still incomplete. After Gosainkunda trek, we move backward to Cholangpating and Chandanbari. We then head toward the other way in the morning. Downward through the tree line, encountering various colors of Rhododendron like white, red, pink and mixed color of red and white according to the distance covered in the forest and due to variance in altitude.

Way down to Syabrubesi, there are small houses with beautiful and kind local villagers with a warm welcome. Also, you will be amazed to see the incredible red panda and snow leopards on the way. Similarly, after reaching the lower Syabrubesi, near to the hotels, there is a natural hot spring which has a religious value. With the hot bath, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The next morning can be refreshing with the visit to China border to Kerung which takes 1 hour by bus. You can feel the natural views of the beautiful Kerung river and Lende river.

After all the sightseeing and Trek, the very next day we head back to the capital city Kathmandu with lots of memories that lies within our hearts and Himalayas. our next list for treking is Everest base camp trek and Mardi himal trek.






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