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Our Team

Above the Himalaya Trekking Company is established by a group of dedicated, young and experienced trekking leaders offering you diverse form of trekking and tours options. All our working team members are dedicated to provide the best services which will give you once in a life time experience and share with you interesting facts about the Himalayas, and also the Nepalese culture, history and religion.

Our working Staffs have more than a decade experience in the Himalayas. It is no overstatement to say our team can create a world of distinction to the satisfaction of your holiday. Every member of our team is aware of the fact that safety, health, and security should be prioritized along with the client's main aim of visiting Nepal. We have earned a reputation for total professionalism, high quality customer service and a first-rate track record.

We have a truly multinational and multicultural team, providing a captivating combination of Eastern and Western skills. All of our guides have trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government. They all are versed in Nepali culture, history, religions, and art, and always will do their best to reveal the genuine Nepal to you. Honesty, Good manners, intellectual and qualifications are some attributes to mention for our working team.

Because of our quality, safe, friendly and economic service, many of our clients have now become our friends. Our all treks and tours give you the option to customize your trip to accommodate. We are committed to assure our clients that they will have only hygienic food during their time traveling with us, be it in the urban areas, or in the more remote areas of Nepal.

We all always believe in work and quality. Let's join with us for wonderful experiences in this untouched land of the world with our working team. 

Our working team is the combinations of hard working and highly committed guides, porters, trekkers, rafters, climbers, drivers and the official workers.

Official Team:

Puru timalsenaPuru Timalsena [Managing Director]

Puru Timalsena is the Founder and Managing Director of "Above the Himalaya Trekking (p) Ltd". In the field of trekking and tours in Nepal name Puru, in short, is popular among the travelers. Puru has been running leading treks, tours and adventure holidays since more than a decade. He has specialized in treks and tours throughout Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India.

Puru's vast knowledge and boundless enthusiasm in the Tourism field has enabled him to create such a successful and leading Trekking Agency. Puru has successfully accomplished numerous Trekking and Mountaineering training courses. He still explores different parts of the country, and especially enjoys introducing new routes to the clients who travel with his team.
He is a very reliable and free-frank kind of personality and loves sharing his knowledge and interesting experiences with others. His pleasant character and cooperative nature endeared him to all.  He is joyful that he is able to provide employment to some of his own family members and too many others.
Being the responsible citizen of Nepal, loyal to her, Puru aims for responsible tourism approach to achieve the triple-bottom line outcomes of sustainable development, i.e. economic growth, environmental integrity and social justice. He has also been involved in various social welfare sectors since the establishment of the company.  



Basu nepalBasu Nepal [Office Manager]

Basu Nepal as an office manager is very hardworking and dedicated person. He has been with "Above the Himalaya" for more than 3 years. Since then all of the indoor activities as paper works, documentations, legal procedures and banking transactions are handled by him. He meet our clients and manage all official works. 

Basu is well educated and highly qualified in the field of trekking in Nepal. He is the man behind your safe and registered journey during trekking and tours. Having grown up in the Himalaya, he has an excellent knowledge of the culture, religion and traditions of the country. You are sure to meet him with your land in airport to welcome you and also for your farewell. 


Field Team:

Kumod Adhikari [City tour guide]

Kumod is one of the popular names as the city guide with his long time experience and vast knowledge. He has been actively working in the field of tourism in Nepal for two decades. He started his career working as food and beverages manager for about 12 years in a renowned hotel. He then joined the travel sector and since then has been working as a city guide. He has the ability to give the introduction and information of any places in a very easy and understandable manner. Very polite and gentle in nature, he loves to explore the country culture, architecture, customs, tradition, religion and people. And so did he wants for the travelers with him. He have deeply knowledge about Nepal’s world heritage site, Pashupatinath, Boudhnath, Monkey temple, Patan Durbar square, Katmandu Durbar square, Bhaktapur Durbar square and many more.


Phurwa sherpaPhurwa Sherpa [Trekking/climbing guide]

Phurwa Sherpa is serving as a trekker and climbing guide with all his capable hand and sharing his experience since 1996. He is also a good cook and one of the best guides for the remote and newly opened routes of the country. He has trekked in most of the trekking routes in Nepal and considered as expert trekking guide for organized trekking. Mr. Sherpa is highly expertise for adventurous and challenging treks on regular routes or off the beaten path. Also involved in other many trekking related activities and highly trained, he is sure to make your journey much more interesting with his funs and laughs.


Purna karkiPurna Karki [Trekking Guide/Cook]

Purna karki is one of the oldest members of this agency working since the establishment of the company. He has lots of knowledge earned from his long time experience in the trekking field. He has well familiarity about the Nepal Himalayas and almost every trekking region. He has traveled and much experienced the trekking in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and many others trekking regions including, Dolpo, Upper Mustang, Narphu Valley, Ganesh Himal and other newly open trekking route. He has a deep understanding of and respect for his country and his culture. Talented of good cooking food, he is an interesting and charming person with smiling face to please all.


Basu duwadiBasu Duwadi [Trekking Guide]

Young and smart trekking guide, Basu is an expert for the treks and adventures in the Ganesh Himal trekking region. He has been continuously working in the tourism sector for the last 5 years. He has succeeded doing many treks in major part of the trekking areas of Nepal also in the restricted and non-tourist places. He takes both pride and pleasure in offering excellence service to our valued clients and is very competent and courteous. His strong, sincere, dutiful and fantastic manner makes our clients cheerful through out the journey.


Shyam Dhakal [Trekking Guide]

Mr. Dhakal is hardworking, experienced and professional trekking guide working since 2000. He is a Govt. Authorized trekking guide license holder and well trained in various tourism training. He is enthusiastic about the Himalayas and has been trekked many times. He is trained first aid, rock climbing and culture.  Most of our guests have honored him as a professional yet very friendly and informative guide. You can fully enjoy your time with his experience in the Trekking.


Hari acharyaHari Acharya [Trekking Guide]

The fluent and well knowledge continuously working in the travel sector of Nepal, Hari has achieved many experience and sound knowledge for the various places. He also acquires lots of knowledge about Nepal, mountains, cultures, local people and other travel related information. He is active in the field of trekking for the long time. He is one of the experienced, strong and honest trekking guide.

Sitaram lamichhaneSitaram Lamichhane [Trekking Guide]

Very strong, talent and experienced guide, Sitaram has been working for about 6 years in the field of trekking. In this period, he has been guiding many customer from all around the world and much experienced the trekking regions like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and many others regions. He is well known about the trekking trails and the difficulties involved in the areas. Mr. Lamichhane is capable of handling difficult situations.


Suresh Adhikari [Trekking Guide/Porter]

Suresh has continuously working in the trekking regions as guide and porter as well since 8 years. He is a Govt. Authorized trekking guide license holder and well trained in various tourism training. He is enthusiastic about the Himalayas and has been trekked many times. He is trained first aid, rock climbing and culture. He is considered as expert trekking Porter for organized trekking (camping trekking).

Prahalad Shah [Trekking Porter]

Prahalad is an efficient porter for different trekking adventure. He is charming and fun loving character. A talkative but very interesting and well knowledge person Mr. Shah has been serving as porter in tourism business since long time. He is well capable of managing of baggage during trekking in very efficient and effective manner. He is also very much reliable and honest porter.

Sunil Shrestha [Porter]

Sunil is an honest, very hardworking and helpful person and had trekked most part of Nepal Himalaya as porter. Working as porter since 5 years, his favorite regions are Annapurna, Langtang and Everest Region. He will make your journey rewarding. His constant support towards travelers has made him good porter of the company.

Ram Prasad Khanal [Porter]

Always ready to serve and willingness to help character, Ram as porter has added to traveler's full satisfaction and hastle free journey.  Ram is very active and helpful guide. He is experienced for 5 years in tourism and as porter for 3 years in the trekking regions. He is very experienced and knowledgeable Porter, he is very strong and capable of working for long hours.

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