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Kritipur Bungmati Khokana Day Hiking

Duration - 3-5 hours

Grade -Easy walk, recommended for all age.

Specialty - Cultural Villages, Bag Bhairav, Chlanchu Vihar etc. temple visit, Enjoy traditional way of Newari life.

Access - Car from Kathmandu to Kirtipur and Patan Ring Road /Bungamati to Kathmandu

Kirtipur, Bungamati and Khokana traditional Newari City Tour offer pure Newari culture, tradition and lifestyle of Newari people live near in Kathmandu Valley. These places can be taken as the magnificent exception to the usual Newari settlements. Even though most of the people in the village are the Newar the differences in the culture and the daily ways of life can be seen during the tour as most of the people are farmers and have unique culture and tradition. Beside the valley visit, there are also some interesting temples such as Bag Bhairav, Chlanchu Vihar etc.

Further form Kirtipur the temple of Goddess Dakshinakali is situated which is an important pilgrimage for Nepalese people which are regarded as the powerful god. We will have our lunch at Hattiban Resort on top of hill, located at a very nice place, which provides birds' eye view of Kathmandu valley and beyond. A visit to Kirtipur can be combined with the visit to Chovar and Panga as well. The main industry in town is the Kirtipur Cottage Industry Centre and most of the residents are either weavers or farmers, so it is a great place to see traditional crafts practiced in traditional surroundings.

Bungamati and Khokana, located 10 km South of Kathmandu, are Newari villages with a rich culture and many traditional religious places and known as typical ancient Newar Villages from 16th century like Kirtipur but a visit to Khokana and Bungamati is a bit different then the visit to Kirtipur. You can find numerous ancient temples, monasteries, Stupas, ponds and other architectures that remind one of the villages’ medieval cultures. Bungamati is famous as the winter home of the Red Machhendra god of Patan who resides every winter in a powerful which is of a Shikhara-style temple. Its spacious courtyard is often used for spreading grain to dry in the sun at harvest time.

The people in Khokana are involved in the traditional Oil making which is the main attraction of the village where mustard seeds are pressed using traditional methods. Khokana lies next to Bungamati and in between the two villages is the temple of Karya Binayak. It is a living museum and recalls medieval times. The farming community of Newars who live here are mostly dependent on agriculture and much of their daily activities take place outside of their dwellings. The people in Bungamati are involved more in traditional wood carving.

So, Kirtipur day hiking along with Bungamati and Khokana is very traditional and cultural walk through the local streets of the valley and experiencing the local lifestyle which will make your hiking memorable.


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