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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Koshi Tappu wild life reserve has engraved a position itself as a birdwatchers' glory. Koshi Tappu was established as a wildlife reserve in 1976 with an aim to protect the last remaining population of Asiatic Wild Buffaloes in Nepal. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a protected area in the Terai of eastern Nepal covering 175 km sq. of wetlands in the Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur districts. The vegetation of the reserve is mainly grassland with patches of scrub and deciduous riverine forest. The prominent Koshi barrage on the southern side of the reserve has created a water reservoir where thousands of migrating waders and wildfowl take rest. Within this stretch many birds and mammals are found that offer the experience of a lifetime.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is located on the overflowing expanse of the Sapta Koshi River, Nepal’s biggest river that flows through the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The Wild Buffalo, the Blue Bull and the Gangetic Dolphin are predominant features of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Over 300 birds are available at the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve for birdwatchers with the internationally endangered Swamp Partridge. A wide range of faunal species inhabit the protected area. In its water courses and ponds, 200 species of fish have been recorded, most of which are resident. Two toad species, nine frog species, six lizard species, five snake species, 11 turtle species are recorded. Gharial and Mugger crocodile occur as well. The Koshi River also supports sparse populations of endangered species.  

Koshi Tappu offers activities to guests that includes as morning jungle walk by the river lagoons and wetlands, canoe ride, slide shows, bird watching, cultural dances and visit unique village settlements. Makalu, the world's fifth highest mountain can be glimpsed on a clear day. We are sure that these highlights will push your heart to start the trip in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Baraha Chhetra, located 5 km north of Chatara, is the site of an annual religious festival and is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. The best season for visiting here is around November to February as many birds from Siberia and Tibet migrate here at that time. The beautifully decorated homes and their way of living of Tharu people which is not affected by western influence can be interesting part of the tour. It also serves as ideal location to break journey while en-route to Sikkim & Darjeeling and Bhutan and have a brief relaxing stay. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is definitely a nature loves haven.


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