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Lumbini Sightseeing Tour

Lumbini sightseeing tour is one of the most popular and scenic sightseeing tour in Nepal & considered as one of most significant pilgrimage destinations located in the southern Terai plains of Nepal. UNESCO has listed Lumbini as a world heritage site.  Lumbini has many new monasteries occupied by different nations. The main attraction of this area is Ashoka pillar which was identified by the Indian emperor Ashoka.  The temple present in Lumbini is remarkable in the way Maya Devi is shown giving birth to Lord Buddha Puskarni Pool. The birthing centre of Lord Buddha is other ancient attractions of Lumbini. You will get chance to Visit the World peace lamp, that is ever burning and the Ashok Pillar which is also the sign of Peace and brotherhood you will get chance to visit the peace garden which is much more fabulous. There are number of Stupas, monasteries and temples surround the garden. Lumbini is now being developed under the Master Plan of the Lumbini Development Trust, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to the restoration of Lumbini and its development as a pilgrimage site. 

A large number of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world visit Lumbini to pray at the Mayadevi Temple where excavations have revealed the “marker stone” showing the exact spot where Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born. As a sacred birthplace, it is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists from around the globe Lumbini is sacred place for Buddhists from all over the world, standing on an equal footing with holy places sacred to other world religions. Similarly, Ruins of the old city are clearly visible and many artifacts were unearthed during the excavation. So there are many beautiful sites which can be enjoyed during sightseeing tour in Lumbini which provides u a life time experience.

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