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Tour in Nepal

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Nepal tour or Tour in Nepal proves to be an eccentric tourist's paradise in each experience of adventure, Himalaya, river, religious, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, Temples, museums, cultural and World Heritage site. Nepal is one of the pleasant location within the world for a cultural and historical tour with its long records, fascinating artwork and one of a kind and varied structure.It is one of the richest countries in terms of vegetation and fauna due to its latitudinal version and precise geographical scenario. However, some parts of Nepal remain a Shangri-la to outside visitors. The great diversity of the people, their way of life, language and traditions will intrigue all of us in Nepal tour. Tour in Nepal offers panoramic mountain scenery and a vista of stunning landscapes that will enchant you and make you go to the romantic and memorable ones you've ever experienced.

Nepal is the land where Gautama Buddha was born - Buddha, the symbol of peace. Guided sightseeing Tour of Kathmandu valley and its surrounding regions will come up with a captivating glimpse of the tour in Nepal - its people, the way of life, traditions, and mountains - so one can honestly make you want to come back for an extended visit. There are also a number of National park parks and wildlife reserves, which function a treat for nature lovers. The Tour offers visitors an opportunity to look at the wealthy Nepalese subculture tradition, a one-of-a-kind culture background, wonderful history, jungle safari and day trekking as well. Experience the hospitality of rural Nepal, dine with local people and stay at their homes as family visitors enjoying the neighborhood culture and traditions. The religious tolerance is ever present with a huge variety of gods and goddesses, numerous temples, Stupas, and monasteries and depicts the deep faith of the people.

We "Above the Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd." arrange our tour program with the intention of giving you a great experience and hope that you will have an unforgettable and exciting time, with memories to treasure for years to come. Our specific tour program will give visitors an opportunity to observe many rich Nepalese cultural traditions, a unique culture and heritage, fascinating history, jungle safari's and days hiking as well. For the short time, visitors and who doesn’t like a mountain than cities tour in Nepal can be the best activities in Nepal.

Meals during the tour:

Breakfast is available in the hotels in 2 to 5-star hotels offers a buffet breakfast with the choice of foods, for lunch, our guide will take you to a good restaurant with choices of food from Nepali to western menu. You can tell them what sort of food you like and can choose the restaurant accordingly. For Dinner in the city, you can go out, there are plenty of nice restaurants out there in Kathmandu and Pokhara. You can eat at the hotels too.

Hotels Standards:

Budget to 5-star hotels is available during the tour. We can choose the hotels as per your interest and budget. All the hotels we choose are located centrally and with unique charm, clean room and friendly staffs.

Our Tour Leaders:

All our tour guides are professional. They are trained and examined by Government of Nepal and have excellent English and other languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish and German. All our guides have a deep knowledge of local culture, religion, arts and architecture, monuments and temples with their historical and cultural value.   They will provide you all needed help during your tour.

Nepal Tour

We emailed with puru from Above The Himalaya Trekking and arranged a customized ten-day tour of different places in Nepal for our family. puru was quick and responsive planning this tour, and he took all our requests into consideration. He picked the perfect hotel and the perfect activities and destinations. Our guide, Kumod and our driver were both experienced and provided excellent service. Nepal is a beautiful country, and everyone at Above  The Himalaya Trekking was so kind and helpful. Thank you so much for such a memorable trip!

Tour in Nepal
Rated 5 / 5 stars

kathmandu tour

We did a two-day tour with them of temples and Kathmandu itself (plus Patan and Bhaktapur) and really enjoyed it. The guides and driver were very nice and did not pressure us to buy things or do things we did not want to do. We saw a lot in the two day in the Kathmandu Valley. Everything was well-organized and we enjoyed the trip a lot.
Tour in Nepal
Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nepal Tour and Trekking

I normally do not write reviews of trips I have taken, but my recent trip to Nepal with my daughter for her college graduation was so superior to any other that I had to put it into words. I do my diligence when booking trips and I was struck by the variety and diversity of trips offered by Above the Himalaya Trekking (P) Ltd. and by its managing director, Puru Timalsena. I started corresponding with him almost a year in advance of my May-June 2010 trip. He was always very responsive to my many emails and always offered good, sound suggestions for a successful trip. We had limited time 9 days which is very short for a country like Nepal.

I had traveled to Nepal 3 times before in the 90�s for business so I basically knew what I did and didn�t want to see. It was my daughter�s first trip there, so I really wanted it to be special. We were professionally met on time at the airport by Puru along with traditional Marigold traveler garlands. We stayed in a five star hotel while in Kathmandu. We were able to tour the whole Kathmandu valley with all of its temple sites with a wonderful tour guide, Koumara, who was well spoken in English and a wealth of knowledge about the Buddhist and Hindu cultures and religion. We also toured the walled city of Bhatkapur. We then flew on the Mountain flight past Everest and the rest of the Himalayan range. Then, a quick flight off to Pokhara, again all connections were met on time by representatives of the company.

Due to the heat of the season and my health, we opted last minute, to change our trekking plans and remain in Pokhara. Puru completely altered our itinerary and within 1 hour our plans were changed to accommodate our new schedule. New tours were added and all worked seamlessly. All for only a nominal charge since we were adding nights in a good hotel and not staying in tea houses as originally planned. My daughter then flew on a Micro light aircraft into the Annapurna range, truly a once in a lifetime experience! We toured the Pokhara valley and explored around Fewa Lake, truly a beautiful calming place after the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

We then again were met by our driver for our drive to Chitwan Park. While en route we had a wonderful white water rafting experience on the Trisulli River (Class 3). We saw the diversity of the countryside and the way of life of the people of the region, everything was so GREEN! After the raft ride we drove on to Chitwan Park. We stayed in a brand new hotel with beautiful grounds, rode camels and then elephants! We then saw an excellent cultural show of the Taru people, half dance and half martial arts! The next day our elephant safari was terrific, although no tigers were spotted, we saw Asian Rhinoï's and spotted deer and a multitude of birds. My daughter then went for an Elephant Bath, where you ride an elephant bareback into the river and you get the full elephant trunk shower experience! She then rode her elephant back into town. After a wonderful meal prepared by our hotel staff, we packed for our flight back to Kathmandu for our last evening in Nepal, again staying in a five star hotel.

We woke already packed and did a final walking tour of the city to Durbar square and some last minute shopping. Again we were met on time and whisked off to the airport for our trip home to NYC. As a parting gift we were each given a silk scarf as a token of friendship and safe travel. I would recommend Above the Himalaya Trekking to anyone wishing to go to Nepal. The itineraries can be combined or custom designed by Puru and fit into any travel schedule. They also have well designed preplanned treks throughout the region.

They are a responsible, professional, honest, safety conscious organization, which you can rely on when booking from continents away. His prices are extremely competitive and a great value. I have visited over 52 countries and have never had better service!

Tour in Nepal
Rated 5 / 5 stars

World Woof Tour 2009

Hello , Puru and (Above The Himalaya Trekking Team)

Gosh, you never fail to go out of your way to help, assist, entertain and accommodate difficult tourists with their dogs and cameras! Seriously Puru, your generosity and genuine professionalism is quite extraordinary - through all my travels around the world on previous occasions, never yet have I met a man who is so honest and genuinely concerned with the welfare and care of his guests. You simply are quite amazing and unique in a flood of competitors. Please know that Oscar, Inaam (Cameraman) and I deeply appreciate all that you have done to make our visit in Nepal so wonderful and productive. I would love to reciprocate all that you have organized for our World Woof Team.

Tour in Nepal
Rated 5 / 5 stars

Kathmandu Valley Nagarkot Trek March 2007

Kesey was wonderful. We had a very excelent time. The hotel+ food were very good(Window great view) and kesey was very kind, accomodation was very nice. we will recommend him and his compay as puru was very promt to provide excellent service.

Tour in Nepal
Rated 5 / 5 stars
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