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Travel Tips

  • How to Select a Trip?
  • Trip Inquiry Process
  • Cancellation and Refund
  • Payment Process

"How to select a trip?" is a big question that arises in your mind before going for any holiday adventure or visit. We understand the necessity of having customer support so we have provided a helpful guideline on how to select trip in Nepal building your dream Himalayan get away. Selecting a trip for any kinds of tour or trekking is dependent on both you and the traveling agency or company.

Various factors are needed to be considered before selecting a trip about the selection of agency or company first. So before going for any kinds of trekking or holidays activities you firstly need to know about the company or agencies that you are going to travel with. Gather some information about the company which will be helpful for your full satisfaction and safety through out the trek.

The major issues like health, climate, working hours, altitudes etc. are to be keenly well thought-out for a trip. We have provided you some of the hints for considerations that would help prior to confirm your journey with precise selection of a trip.

  1. Health: Before going for any kinds of trip the major thing is to consider your health above all. Proverb of "Health is wealth" is much more applicable during your every trek. On the basis of your health or any kinds of syndrome determine your trip with safety.

  1. Weather / Surroundings: Be sure about the environment or the climate of the destination place. Take the clothing similar to that. Also consider yourself if you could resist in such climate or not may be too hot or too cold. Always have a moderate climate destination trip

  1. Strength: Your strength is important to determine the working trail or the working hours. If you have good strength and capability for hardship join for a fair and tough trekking else just have moderate or easy trekking trails.

  1. Altitude: Some people have problem in high altitude such as altitude sickness, coldness etc. So make sure about the altitude you are going for.

  1. Security: Always keep in mind in what type of country you are going for your trip. Check on the political status and the conflicts in that nation. Consider the laws and the violence that may arise at the contemporary time. Be safe and secure.

  1. Cost: According to your budget plan your trip. Do not make wastage of money for extravagancy. Monetary should manage properly.

  1. Reliability: Before going for trip make sure about the reliability of the trekking company. Always travel through a reliable agency. Sometimes greed for lower operating cost may lead you to unreliable company.

  1. Duration: Manage your trekking or any holiday trip as per your holidays or leisure duration. Make a short and easy trek if you have less time or else you can join for a long days adventure trips.

  1. Facilities: You should have enough knowledge about the facilities you can have in that area. Facilities about the communication, transportation, lodging or camping, foods, emergency rescue etc. are required to be considered carefully.

  1. Your desire: This is what you want to see or feel during your trip. You may wish to see mountains or natural panorama, go for trekking or view points. If you wish adventure, go for hiking. Depending up on the knowledge you want to achieve or feel make your destination trip to that place.

We hope this slice of queries will help for your any enjoying trip journey and assist to select the trip.

Inquiry process for a trip with us is very easy and simple steps just follow few instructions & join us for an exhilarating and unforgettable journey! Before making your booking, please make sure that you have read the relevant tour itinerary on our website.

Inquiry Procedure

    1. First of all browse and choose a trek you are interested in from our WebPages.
    2. Contact us via our enquiry form or write us on  to discuss which trek and tour and other holiday programs you want to do.

      Contact Us

      Above the Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd.
      Shukra Bhawan
      Bhagawati Bahal, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
      (Opposite to Thamel House Restaurant)
      P.O Box: 25493, Kathmandu, Nepal.
      Phone: +977-1- 4426818 / +977-1-4258573
      Mobile No. : +977-9851095800
    3. Once the details of your trek (duration, route and number of people) have been agreed, we will make a provisional booking, giving the dates and cost. To confirm your booking we ask you to pay a deposit of 25%.

Clients have the liberty to cancel their projects and request a refund from us. If our clients fail to make their trip or want to cancel their program due to any unavoidable circumstances charges will be made for the Trip Cancel. Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Less than 60 days in advance: 15%

Less than 45 days in advance: 25%

Less than 30 days in advance: 50%

Less than 15 days in advance: 75%

Less than 10 days in advance: 85%


On or after the starting date: No refund will be made.

While making your trip with us, we need a 25% of trip booking amount and if there is Air ticket needed full air ticket fee, the rest of money can be paid up on arrival on our office. Full payment is required before departure of the trip and for your last minute booking before a week you need to pay full amount of money as an advance.

Payments can be wired through different options

Bank Transfers

Above The Himalaya Trekking (p) Ltd

US Dollar Account No: 01601010003592

Paying Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd

Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal



By Credit Card

In addition clients can make a payments by credit card please click here and fill the form. For the payment by credit card we only accept Master Card and Visa Card, and 4% card commission will be paid by the clients themselves as a card processing fee.

Payment by Western Union /Money Gram or other money transfer agencies.

You can pay by different money transfer agencies, after you make the payment send the MTCN or other no what transfer agencies gives you after we got it we get the money from their local agents.

Please find the Western Union/Money Gram or any other money transfer local agents in your near by location and fill the Agent location nearby, fill in the money order. You need below details:

Mail to the Country: Nepal

City: Kathmandu

Payee's Name:

First Name: Purushotam

Last Name: Timalsena

Tell No: +977 1 4426818

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