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First Time Trekking?

First time trekking is not a big deal! Nepal is the land of the highest and youngest mountains on earth and it encompasses a region of deep religious and cultural traditions and an amazing diversity of people. It won't be any kinds of difficulties for any trekkers traveling for the first time. Nepal is rich for its hospitality and care as we think of guests as incarnation of gods. Trekking takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wildernesses. You are free for trekking, mountaineering, whitewater rafting, wildlife safari and other many different adventure activities in Nepal in spite of being first time trekker as it is rich with extreme high Himalayan ranges and wonderful biodiversity.

While you are in trekking, walking through the trail after few days body and mind will become completely adjusted, so that it seems this is all one ever meditating with attention put on every step.  Villages caught in a time warp abound, their terraced fields stacked up huge hillsides. The paths are timeless pilgrimage routes, trails between villages or tracks to high grazing pastures so you need not to bother any kinds of hardship or intense working. Guidebooks are useful but guides offer a richer source of information for the interested observer. Hiring Guides can structure a trek to your pace. They can provide advice on what to eat when you are not feeling well. Solo travel in Nepal is completely safe & inspiring with us. All the places you can explore without any type of hesitation.

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