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Trekking Planning Check List

Traveling to Nepal is very easy comparing to other countries; you can obtain a visa upon arrival at Airport and can start your tour and treks next day of your arrival. Trekking trip to Nepal involves slightly more planning preparations. Plan your trekking early, Inebriation flight booking and inoculations need attention several months before departure especially if you are flying in on Nepal peak trekking seasons September/October. November and March, April, May.


Here we present you some important points of the check list to be considered before starting of your trek –

  1. Make all the possible and necessary inquires with the trekking agency before booking of flight.
  2. Book your trek and the flight of the arrival.
  3. Check your health and make sure of your physical health condition consulting with the doctor.
  4. Before coming here purchase your travel insurance from the reliable company. 
  5. Check the needed clothing and equipment for your travel and trekking in Nepal.
  6. You can get Nepal visa prior to arrival from the Nepalese Embassy.
  7. Bring official papers like valid passport, 3 extra passport photographs (for trekking permits), travel insurance, airline tickets, and luggage tags.
  8. Bring all your credit cards and necessary other payment cards.
  9. Inform to your relatives and friends where you are going for and kinds of uncertainties.
  10. Check our website for the detail information you require.
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