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What is camping trek?

These treks are away from the more frequented trails and provide a wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspect. You can observe the remote mountain villages of Nepal where people are surviving by growing their own food, untouched by modern civilization, no politics and they have a quite happy life with their own distinctive culture and traditional that might be very interesting & unique to observe for foreigners.

Camping trek is a type of trek where Trekkers bring all the trekking gear, equipment and necessary food during the Trekking period and stay alive, cooking on the Kitchen Tent, eating on the dinning tent, and sleeping on the member tent. This classic style of trekking are especially conducted in remote areas of Nepal supplying all camping equipments along with the food and employ porters to carry your gear and sherpas to set up tents where you will be sleeping and well- trained cook will prepare hot meals to serve you.

Our most of camping treks take to the remote areas where foreigners enjoy the real local culture, breathtaking views of Himalaya; we used quiet village's trails that lead us through terraced rice fields paradise, magnificent forests and ideal valleys rarely found by other Trekkers. We provide trained staffs who escort your trek are friendly and humors. In the Camping trek, Accommodation is in the form of luxury tents, which are put up at the end of each day by Above the Himalayas expert Sherpa’s.

Accommodations for these treks are tents, and your food will be cooked on a kerosene stove by one of our chefs. Staff will carry all the necessary equipment, leaving you free to enjoy the scenery. You carry your small backpack with a water bottle, camera and your day clothes. We employ the appropriate number of porters to carry all equipment, trekking gear & necessary stuff.

Our camping treks are all environmentally aware. We choose our spots wisely, disturbing as little of the Eco system as possible. We take nothing but pictures and leave only footprints behind.

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