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Trekking in Nepal

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Nepal is a multilingual, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country with three geographical regions i.e. Hilly region, Mountainous region, and Terai region. It is rich in natural beauty, ancient culture and tradition, unbelievable panorama and so on. The long and wide rivers, largest lakes, mountains above and below the height of 8000 meters, moderate climate as well as many religious and historical heritages,  is what makes Nepal one the attractive destination for people from around the world. The most amazing thing of Nepal is its people with the different cast. The different festivals and tradition of people from different groups make Nepal so special than other countries in the world.

Nepal is suitable for trekking as the climate is neither cold nor hot. You can trek to different places according to the climatic conditions. Many of the mountains lie in Nepal. Out of 10 highest peaks, 8 peaks are situated here. Not only mountains but also the lakes, rivers, forests with different animals and birds are found. Also, Nepal is a country rich with social, cultural and religious phenomena. The country with the unique blend of Hindu and Buddhists. The birth place of Buddha i.e. Lumbini is located here.Nepal Trekking and trip propose gigantic landscape for venture lovers who are evermore as trekker around Nepal Himalayas. Nepal Trekking expedition presents to walk around, a ground of yaks and yetis, Stupas and legendary Sherpa. The most outstanding celebration escapade trekking in Nepal and travelers target with the remarkable countryside, the summit of the highest mountains on the globe, snow white Himalaya passes glaciers and ice falls, superlative Himalaya landscapes and remote framework.

Trekking in Nepal gives you the lifetime experience of natural beauty. Anyone with an average degree of fitness and the spirit of adventure will enjoy the thrill of trekking in Nepal except some high altitudes.  One can walk along the trails, which are easy to follow and have been used by the local inhabitants for centuries or also you can explore less used tracks as a discovery. You will get a chance to witness the social and cultural side of Nepal. Even the people in Nepal are kind hearted and friendly. It is easy and quick to learn about things in a friendly environment.

 "Above the Himalaya Pvt. Ltd" is proud to share our country, its nature & century old cultures, and many years of experience in this field with you and give you an excellent opportunity to explore our beautiful Nepal. Either way, you are welcome for an experience of a lifetime. Exploring the exotic variety of culture and scenery is what brings people back to Nepal again and again.




Nepal Trekking - 12-10-2001

Dear Puru Hi everyone.

I just want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was a great experience. If it wasn't for my Guide I don't think I would have made it to the end. He has been a Great Guide and most important very Good company. Wish you all the best,

Love always

Trekking in Nepal
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