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Before going to a new place it is better to take a guide with you. You need to hire the experienced and skilled guide or porter who can communicate and support you with all the things that you need while trekking. Above the Himalaya introduce the new service "Everest Base Camp Guide Service" by which you can hire the best guide of your choice.

Everest Base Camp Trek is known for the challenging and adventurous Trek where one needs a proper and trained person to guide throughout the trek. All the guides in our agency are trained and have got license provided by the government. They are from the rural areas and have the good knowledge about every thing that is necessary while trekking. Similarly, our guides and porters are well educated and are fluent in speaking the English language. Moreover, they are well aware of the culture and tradition, so it will easy for you to learn about very quickly. With the proper knowledge about the difficult trials, they can also help you with the kinds of medical treatments and emergency services of first aids, altitude sickness, and other important issues. 

Since the guides have gone to the Everest many times with many of our customers, they will never leave their customers misleading. It is against the rule and law. So, if it is found then they will be punished as per the law. Contact us if you want a proper, trained and licensed guide. We are the most trusted agency in Nepal and we will be happy to help you out with any sort of queries.

Why Us and Our Guides and Porters!

Some of the distinct and divergent features and characters of our guides and porters make us most suitable and trustworthy for hiring of guides and porters for your trekking. You will have fully safe and most enjoyable trekking experience of lifetime with them.

  • Our Guides are experienced and highly skilled in various aspects of Tourism and trekking in Nepal.  Our Guides are Government License holder with proper trainings and examined.
  • Training undertaken by each Guide addresses such issues as; First Aid, Eco trekking and tourism, Altitude/Mountain Sickness and Rescue Protocol.
  • Our employed guides are people with a proven track record of honesty and personal integrity.
  • Our Guides speak excellent English as well as other languages including Spanish, French, Japanese and others.
  • All of our Staff have a vast knowledge of local culture, Hinduism, Buddhism and are keen to share their knowledge with our clients. They will also share with you less well known facts about our country, Nepal.
  • Our Guide will invite you to a special briefing each evening about your program for the next days activities. This will include the likely distance to be traveled, points of interest to look out for along the way and all other relevant details. It can be great time to ask questions and discuss your day too.
  • We provide a basic Medical Kit to each Guide which includes items commonly needed during trekking. Some of these items are Bandages, Analgesics (painkillers) and Antiseptic etc.
  • He will manage all the practical aspects of your trek, including ensuring your comfort and privacy for your night’s accommodation at the end of your day. You will find the high standard of our Guides is consistent and is always considerate to all your needs.

Our Porters:

  • Hundreds of thousands of families in Nepal depends upon pottering as their main source of income.
  • Your belongings will be safely being carried by our Porter; making your walk easy, more pleasant and comfortable.
  • They will carry your luggage, food and other necessary items in a safe and secure way for your convenience.
  • They are careful to maintain your belongings in good condition, protecting them against wet conditions, sharp rocks and other potential hazards.
  • Our porters are honest and proud of their personal integrity. Because they are mountain folk, their heritage is a valuable asset which also benefits you.
  • They are always keen to join in singing and dancing at the end of the day, and this always brings a smile and laughter, creating an environment of fun and enjoyment for you to participate.

Our Nepal trekking guide and porter hiring Cost Includes:

·         All required Transport of Guide & Porter.

·         Daily wages / salary of guide or porter.

·         Insurances & equipment of local Guides or local porters. 

·         All meals & Accommodation of guide or porter.

·         Service charges & all applicable Govt. taxes at time of hiring.


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