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Nepal Short Trek

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Nepal is a country rich with natural and cultural beauty. It is popular among those people around the world who loves the nature. Many people from around the world visit Nepal yearly for Trekking. They can enjoy the short as well as long trek. Nepal's short Treks are the adventurous trek for those who have short leisure and want to utilize their time by feeling the beauty of nature and enjoying the ancient culture. Nepal short trek provides an opportunity for those people who want to explore the Himalayas or enjoy beautiful mountain scenario and culture within a short period of time. Short trekking in Nepal is a journey through various ethnic cultures, religion and geographical diversity of this small kingdom. The short trek takes you through terraced hillsides, charming slate roofed villages inhabited by the friendly local community, dense moss rhododendron forests and beautiful waterfalls with the magnificent view of snow-capped mountains.

Trekkers who desire to travel around nature, mountains area and learn people lifestyle in short holiday period, Nepal short trek play a vital role to fulfill their dream. Short Trek in Nepal is done for the short period with full enjoyment of holidays. It is the opportunity to experience Nepalese rural culture, custom, and tradition, which is being followed since long time ago. In Nepal, we have so many places for adventure, panoramic views, and exciting Trekking routes. Trekkers who cannot approach to the base camp of renounced trekking trail like Everest base camp trek, Annapurna trek, and Lang tang trek, we have shortened the itinerary of these trekking. Day walks is an easy gradual uphill bit flat and some steep ascent and descent in your easy pace with wonderful might mountains and picturesque village. The awesome Himalayan peaks will always remain with you giving fresh air and nostalgic feeling for you. Short Trek is considered to be the wonderful experience in many people without going too far they can enjoy the nature as well as cultural beauty.

Nepal short trek takes you to the tea houses and proves to be an eccentric tourist's paradise in every sense of adventure, Himalaya, river, wildlife sanctuaries, monuments, and museums, cultural and world heritage sites along with jungle safari or rafting experiences. Nepal Short trekking is perfect for people who do not afford a long duration trek or do not wish to undertake a strenuous gratifying the interest, time frame and physical limitations of people of all ages. The cost of the trek depends on the trekking region. The best season for the trek is September to December and March to May.

Nagarkot- Dhulikhel Trekking 2005

Today is my birthday and I am Trekking/walking with Puru. Yesterday was the begining of hte trip and that was very hard.Puru put some of my things in his bag so that it was more easy for me to walk.He said that it was no problem to walk easily and the next morning he pick up my pass form the day before. He was thinking very good fo me and also what I want.I did the same with all of my things to carry again. very nice of him Hw also wanted me to have a good hotel and restaurant. next time I will again travel with puru. he is a really a good guide!


Nepal Short Trekking
Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dhading Trekking 2005

Hi Puru, I am Stian Bragtvedt a journalist from Norway, who has been trekking with Puru in Dhading district. Puru is a very knowledgeable guide, and has good English skills. Due to Purus extensive knowledge of the geography and the people of Nepal, the trek was a great success. I heartly recommend Puru to anyone considering to trek in Nepal.

Nepal Short Trekking
Rated 5 / 5 stars
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Nepal Short TrekNepal Short Trek

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