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Nepal Summer Trekking

  • Introduction to Nepal Summer Trekking

Nepal summer trekking is also the most popular trekking which is preferable during the month June July & August. Nepal summer treks provide you an opportunity to feel the real diversification of Nepal with its geography and climate. During summer you can enjoy hike to summer trekking very much with green valley and wetter full's on the way. Mainly a nature lover can always make it as his destination of trekking year round. The primary trekking season in the Himalayas fall in the spring when the weather is favorable. Because of the unique geography, landscape and climate of Nepal, the trekking is possible to all the year around in Nepal. Trekking in summer in Nepal is a blessing for the photographer as the higher valleys and meadows blossom with flowers and lush vegetation making this the perfect time to capture Nepal in all its beauty.  Nepal's Summer trekking months are normally clear from morning till afternoon time and all the hills are alive with blooming wild flowers like magnolia and rhododendrons and other colorful wildflowers and spectacular views of the mountain range with snow capped.

During the summer monsoon season, you can trek in the rain shadow areas on the north side of the Himalayas in areas such as Mustang, Upper Manang (Annapurna and Narphu region) and Dolpo. Mustang and Dolpo trekking regions are restricted trek area of Nepal and this part of trekking region is normally not affected by monsoon in summer due to its geographical location since this region is lies at rain shadow area, close to Tibet region. The Annapurna region in north-central Nepal also receives appreciably less rain than other parts of the country during the summer months and low-altitude, short treks in this region are recommended. Summer trekking is also a great time of year to visit Nepal when you will find trails and villages have few trekkers and you can enjoy the isolation and magnificence of the mountains without any crowds.

We suggest you to bring insect repellents are strictly necessary for summer trekking in Nepal.