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  • February 25, 2014
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Himalayan-LibraryTogether with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Jonen ABOVE THE HIMALAYA TREKKING has established a small school library called “The Himalayan Library” located in Maidi Ukhubari Dhading.

The library is fully supported by Puru Timalsena, managing director of Above the Himalaya Trekking, and by Mr. Jim and Mrs. Carol Jonen, who is our honorary members from the U.S.A. Mrs. Val Riches from Australia has helped to edit the texts and is involved in many other social projects in Nepal as well. One of the other helpers for this great project is Mr. Bryan Leonard from Ottowa Township High school, located in Ottowa Illinois in the U.S.A. Mr. Ray Williams and Mr. Petre, who is a high school student; both from the U.S.A. are also offering their assistance to this social community project.

Mr. Felix Erbing with his 2 friends John Mayes and Vancelee Hunt bring some books from the USA and they put US$ 1000 together to buy books, we really appreciate their kind help.

The Himalayan Library Shami Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School is situated in Maidi VDC, which is 19 km west of Dhading District headquarter and about 108 km west of Kathmandu.The Shami Bhanjyang School is the apex public educational institution among of five VDCs namely Maidi, Dhola, Khari, Nalang and Salang which is meant to be densely populated in rural mid hill area approximately of thirty thousand population in the south-west of Dhading district.

Current Situation:

We have just recently started this small library called the Himalayan Library Shami Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School.

As we are in the early starting phase and still are short of funds at the moment we have only a few books available. These books are located in the Library Room which is offered to us by the school. We have about 1000 students at the school from grade 1 to +2. we need books for children to +2 students, We don’t have enough books yet to offer to our +2 students in the fields of education, commerce, and arts.

Why the Himalayan Library Shami Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School?

SBHS School was established in 1969 with the joint help of the people of five VDC´s and it has become a small society. The students who join the school are all from different races, different castes, and different areas. Although the school already exists since 1969 until today they have not been able to provide a library for their students. Neither the Nepalese government nor anybody from the private sector seemed to be making an effort to build a library at this school.

Currently, the school accommodates over 1000 students. Due to the lack of books available, these students are all forced to learn only from their one provided textbook and follow the traditional and sometimes boring way of studying. No new approach of teaching has been practiced for decades. And the students cannot acquire extra knowledge or cannot do any further research in areas that they are interested in.

As a result of this many students simply fail their national exams and those who are lucky enough to pass the exams have many difficulties searching for future opportunities. When they go to college or try to find a good job they have so much competition from students from other private and well-established schools, and they suffer from the lack of good education and development. They will lose opportunities and most of the time they will remain unemployed.

Here are the reasons we need a school library


  • To provide text books in card system to the students who can’t afford their text book
  • To facilitate the teachers and students in teaching learning activities.
  • To provide extra sources of knowledge
  • To utilize the learners’ leisure period

Future Plan:

At the moment we are already happy with the few books that we were able to supply to the library. But… we want the library, and the possibilities and knowledge of these students to grow!

Our plan is to add many and good resources for the students (both lower class as graduate students), these resources can be in the form of books, or magazines or journals.

We need your help:

We have been able to make a good solid start to the library with the sum of US$1500.

But we need more books, covering more different fields and subjects, and we need another room with furniture to run this library even better in the future. Growing up and being able to go to school and learn more in the library means a future for the children.

Our target is to raise another US$3000 by the end of this year.


It’s easy – we’ve set up an online donations page where you can make payments by Visa or Master card


This is where you can help:

You can help by making a donation to the library, due to administrative reasons we ask you to donate a minimum of 25$US.

Your money will be used to purchase books for grade 1 to 12 students in the English language.

All the books purchased with your donation will have your name inside the front cover with the date and your contribution.

After receiving your help you will get a letter of appreciation from the library.

Donate now, and become a member of the team who makes the first library in the remote hilly region of Nepal (Maidi VDC Dhading District) a reality!

Donating is easy, we have set up an online donations page where you can make a payment by Visa or Master card.

If you are planning to visit Nepal in the near future and would like to see the result of your help and/or donations, Above the Himalaya Trekking, will be more than happy to assist you in visiting the area and their newly established library!

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