Mardi himal trek guide, why mardi himal trek, best time & weather info
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Mardi himal trek guide, why mardi himal trek, best time & weather info

mardi himal trek guide

Mardi Himal Trek Guide Overview

Mardi Himal Trek guide “Once in a blue moon”; same as this phrase. Life welcomes one beautiful vacation to fill our busy schedule with the breath-taking memories. That is found in the arms of nature. Same as taking a decision. For one of the most undiscovered treks was too mesmerizing Mardi Himal trek. I know it’s unheard and not much accessible as of Annapurna Base Camp. Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, Everest Base Camp, Fishtail Base Camp, and others. But believe my words, trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp can be your one of the best adventurous. Thrilling experiences of receiving several vibes from nature mother.

Mardi Himal, with the height of 5587 m, is situated east of one of the most visited and glorious Mt. Annapurna Base Camp trek destinations of Nepal. It is an unexplored treasure that is unrevealed yet. Very few trekkers mark their way to complete this astonishing trek. Mardi Himal trek route allows many marvelous scenarios of rivers while stepping down to the upper Mardi Khola and this pathway also includes magnificent Himalayas sceneries of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Hiunchuli, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Fishtail (Machhapuchhare), etc. With diverse in flora and faunas, this trek is perfect for environment loving trekkers. You can explore to most fascinating creatures there.

Mardi himal trek guide

Trek Facts

Duration: 8 Days

Altitude: 41500 m

Best Time: March, April, May, September, October, November

Accommodation: Tea house/Lodge,Home-stay

Starting/Ending point: The trek starts from Kande and ends at Lumre

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

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Outline Itinerary:

To begin this unexpected trek; I took a drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu. Pokhara is one of the most happening places for tourism in Nepal, where I can feel myself with a part of nature by visiting beautiful Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake. Enjoying sitting at the edge of Lake Phewa with soul-soothing music and fantastic sunset view day, one is now passed away. While day 2 starts up with a beautiful sunrise, and my journey got started.

On day 2, I went to Kande from where I have to start walking for about 3 hours to reach the place named Deurali, which has about 2,200 m elevation. After Deurali, I kept on trekking for about 6 hours to make up to Forest Camp, which had a height of about 2,550 m above the sea level. While walking through these trails, I honestly forgot about everything I left behind my workplace cause I was now exploring myself too, along with this loving nature.

On day 3, I packed my trekking bag and tightened up my shoe’s laces to walk more for those fascinating views of various majestic mountains. I walked about 5 hours from Forest camp to Low camp, which was 2900m and continuously did trekking to reach High camp, which took me approximately 3 hours from Low field. The high camp had an elevation of about 3580 m.

I did continuous trekking to Mardi himal this day because tomorrow I wanted to have more time with me to see the glorious scenery. And feel them from the core of my heart and soul, which was very needed at that moment of my busy life in an urban city.

Starting with a very energetic morning on day 4, I walked to make up to Mardi Base Camp (4500m), which was bewitching and very pleasing to my eyes and my heart. I wish I could hold that time to capture it. It took me to heaven when I saw it finally in the arms of Himchuli, Mardi Himal, Mt. Annapurna in the south, and majestic Mt. Fishtail. When I breathe in the fresh air, it filled my soul, and that made me knocked out from my imagination. Such a magical it was! After the hike to Mardi Base Camp, I returned to High Camp, which was truly heartbreaking for me, and I guess it could be the same for you too!

So on day 5, I trekked along beautiful forest from high camp to Siding and took rest there. The siding had 1860m elevation.

On day 6, I packed my bag to go to Lumre and then returned to Pokhara. After those restless treks, I finally decided to take more rest and enjoy some trekker’s massage, which was available near the hotel’s spa center.

When morning started; I planned to enjoy the beautiful Pokhara by going to join local tours. I found interesting places to visit like Mahendra cave, Davis fall, Phewa lake, International Mountain Museum, and World Peace Pagoda, which was very famous in Pokhara.

And on the final day, I came back to Kathmandu from Pokhara. After completing this amazing trekking, I valued more things in my life, which were hidden within me the same as Mardi Himal base camp was hidden in this beautiful Nepal.

Mardi Himal is a growing Trekking that many of the travelers are talking about. However, some of the people may not know precisely about Trekking in Mardi Himal. So, here is what you need to know about Mardi Himal Trekking.

Mardi Himal lies in the Annapurna region with an elevation of 5587 m. Trekking to Mardi Himal Falls under easy to moderate trekking. People who want to experience the exotic natural panoramic view with exciting trekking, Mardi Himal Trek, can be the best choice for them.

Some reasons behind why to trek Mardi Himal

  • Mardi Himal is situated in the most popular destination of Nepal, i.e., the Annapurna region.
  • The route of Mardi Himal is less traveled. So one should not face a lot of crowd on the way.
  • It is the best experience to trek to Mardi Himal as it gives the opportunity of a unique culture and tradition of rural Nepal.
  • It is the venture of Machhapuchhare Base Camp.
  • On the way to Mardi Himal, one will get the chance to explore peaks like Annapurna South, Himchuli, Machhapuchhare, and so forth.
  • Before reaching to Mardi Himal, the trail starts from Pokhara, one of the beautiful city of Nepal and the most visited city by tourists. One can go for boating in the Fewa lake, explore the beautiful city.
  • The trekking adventure in the remote steep-sided valleys, heavily wooded with bamboo and rhododendron, is fantastic.

There are still other treks that you can experience in Nepal. Also, join our unique package of Annapurna Base Camp trek and Everest Base Camp trek for more excitement and fun.


Best time to visit Mardi Himal Trek:

Mardi Himal is situated at a high altitude at 4,500 meters. The level of difficulty marks moderate to difficult.

Nepal’s weather is generally predictable, and one needs to grab a pleasant and favorable time to make their journey fruitful. Let us discuss the features of each season and be aware of the bad weather and can avoid the danger of bad weather.

Mardi Himal is least visited trek destination as it is newly discovered trekking destinations in the Annapurna region. Thus, this trekking destination is crowd-free.

Usually, the period of spring and autumn seasons are marked best times to visit this trek destination due to its clean and clear weather making the views of the peaks look stunning. Besides, summer and winter seasons are counted as the risky seasons for heading towards trek at this place due to the worst weather condition as per the traditional belief.

Though the surrounding is bright and peaceful in summer, the occurrences of random rainfall hindrances the trekking journey and halt the trip. Not only this slippery and muddy road condition disgusts the travelers and could be one of the significant obstacles to trek.

Summer or monsoon season is also known as Leech Season as it always seeks for the naked leg to suck the blood. However, this season can be boon for the botanist as many wildlife vegetation bloom at this time.

Winter season is known as the coldest season and marked as unfavorable too. However, any travel Geek and adventure lover could not stay away from the views of the dazzling mountains at this time. Additionally, the sky is super bright with no precipitation, depicting a closest stunning view. Other advantages are the solo traveler can travel independently and enjoy to the fullest as there are pretty fewer crowds at this time. Last but not least, the traveler at this time will be the luckiest one as they are offered special off-season discounts on flights, accommodation, etc.

mardi himal trek guide

Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek Weather and Temperature

Weather and Temperature play a vital role in making a journey successful and fruitful. Mardi Himal is blessed with these factors.

Collect a lot of information before heading towards the Mardi Himal base camp trek.

The perfect temperature, with greenery surrounding and chill and snowy weather, mark up the heavenly feeling at Mardi Himal.

We can observe the unobstructed views of the spectacular mountain views such as Mt. Annapurna, Mt, Dhaulagiri Mardi, Mardi Himal,  and many more. The feeling we encountered while seeing those peaks are the best feeling ever.

The avg daytime temperature during spring (May to March) and autumn season is around 15-20C, with most of the days are warm and sunny. Luckily you need not have to carry bulky clothes and heavy boots during traveling at this time. Because the weather of this time is pleasant with humid air and warm temperature. Beautiful flora and fauna are the major attraction at this season. Spring season provides you a photogenic journey that, for sure, will be a lifetime achievement for the adventure lover. Obtaining the closest view of the highest peaks lying on the lap of the mountain, surrounded by blooming rhododendron and green biodiversity, is a heaven anyone could ever wish to go.

The breathtaking sunrise and sunset views will grab all your attention to it, relieving all your pain, city chaos, and took you to the dreamland you have imagined.

This season is known as the best season to travel Mardi Himal.

A pre-booking is a must to avoid a rush journey. This season will be the festival season as you will get the chance to be a part of multiple festivals and enjoy delicious food.

In contrast, the day time temperature may go to 10C -5C in the summer season (June to Aug) and can goes beyond 0C in the winter season (Dec-Feb) at night time.  Dust-free sky and pristine surroundings are the wonders you will find after the rainfall at this time. Perfectly, awesome mountain views can be obtained. During winter, most of the places in the Annapurna region are covered with snow, so that you need to carry heavy boots and lots of warm clothes for trekking at this time. Chilly morning and bright daytime, you can enjoy a peaceful time here. Warm clothes, hot tea, and coffee, camp pleasure able campfire at the accommodation, blankets could be your best companion at this time.

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Nepal, being the rich country in cultural and economic diversity, never fails to allure you by its natural scenic beauty, wonderful flora, and fauna. Each season offers you different traits and makes you realize how beautiful the world you are living in. Anyone, you can walk 4/5 hrs. Daily, you can accomplish this awesome trek journey with ease.

The trails to Mardi Himal allows many marvelous scenarios of rivers stepping down to Mardi Khola.

Mardi Himal trek route allows many marvelous scenarios of rivers while stepping down to the upper Mardi Khola.

The brilliant, beautiful mountain views (Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Himchulli, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt. Fishtail, etc. and many more ), unobstructed sunset and sunrise views and wide varieties of green vegetation during the trekking days are the bests gift nature provides to the trekker.

Nevertheless, Mardi Himal is the doable trek for everyone who is a nature lover.

So pack your bag and come to Lap of these stunning mountain peaks before you regret what you missed in this life.

For any further details and information, please get in touch with us, we are happy to answer you.


Happy Journey!!!!!!!!


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