Things to do in Kathmandu, what to see & more
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Things to do in Kathmandu, what to see & more

Things to do in Kathmandu

Things to do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is popularly known for its exceptional architecture, religious history, and traditional culture. A vast city Kathmandu is the exact mixture of the ancient world and developing a hectic way of life. The crowds, dust, traffic heat can be very stressful to the newcomers. Not to worry, you can take full advantage of beautiful and relaxing cafes, restaurants, to take a break from it all.

A vibrant and crazy city Kathmandu offers you plenty of things to do in Kathmandu and enjoy within its premises.
However, it is still recovering from the tragic 2015 earthquake, so many guide books are a bit out of date when it comes to the key activities. Here’s an up to date list of things you must do on your visit to Kathmandu!

 Kathmandu: UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Private Tour

Get a Blessing at Pashupatinath

Visit Bhaktapur and explore Nagarkot sunrise

Visit Indra Chowk and Asan

Visit Monasteries in Kathmandu

Visit the Casino Royale

Visit Garden of Dreams and Thamel Shopping and Hangout


1. Kathmandu: UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Private Tour and sightseeing

The prior things to do in Kathmandu are to have a Day tour of Kathmandu City with visits to major UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The tour goes to Patan Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath – Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath, and Boudhanath. You can get a chance to be mesmerized by Nepal’s religious, historical landmarks and witness the country’s amazing culture and traditions.

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• Discover and explore Nepal’s religions and culture on a private tour of UNESCO-listed sites
• Visit the beautiful temples at Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, and Boudhanath
• Calm your soul in the serene surroundings of remarkable temples and stupas
• Cover the city’s highlights in a single day: perfect for travelers short on time
• Get in-depth commentary on religious and cultural landmarks
• Includes hotel or airport pickup and drop-off

Your UNESCO world heritage sites tour starts after your pick up from the hotel and drives to Patan Durbar Square. You will view the city’s historical heart along with getting insights into the palaces and shrines that makes the world-famous landmark. You can also get a unique glimpse of the home of Kumari, the sacred living goddess of Nepal.

After that, your journey starts next to Swayambunath, a temple of Monkey. It is a hilltop temple that is famous for depicting the incredible panoramic views of the city. Observing the dazzling mountain peaks surrounding the Kathmandu valley from the top of the hill is a dream comes true for adventure lovers. Then you will head your journey towards Bouddhanath stupa, one of the largest stupa. This stupa is considered one of the most popular holiest sites for Buddhists faith. The atmosphere of the whole place lightens up with zest as the fragrance of incense drifts through the air.

things to do in kathmandu

2. Get a Blessing from Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath, a combination of art, culture, and religion, is the most visited tourist destination in Nepal. Interestingly. It is more than a religious destination and offers peace and devotion.

The temple is spread across 246 hectors wide area, is filled with temples and monuments completely.
The temple premises is an open museum for all the visitors. More than 100s of rituals are performed within the temples every day. Every temple has specific values and customs, and every temple has its own set of routines to be completed.

This temple is listed as the world heritage site since 1979 A.D, which is a matter of pride for all Nepali.
The temple offers visitors a variety of styles of temples such as Dome style; some of the other is pagoda style, shikar style, and so on. Thus, this is the leading destination for art historians. Apart from this, a variety of sculptures and statues can also be seen inside the temple premises.

The statues are made from wood, stone, and metal. Bhuwaneshwori, Dakshinamurti, Tamreshwori, Panchdewal, Bishwarupa, and many other temples fall under this vast area. The temple of kali has an exciting appearance and myth and located on the banks of River Bagmati.
The myth is that when the half-in, half-out statue of kali grows out of its original spot and comes entirely out, then there will be an end to the world.

The Pashupatinath temple is rich in cultural, forest, and water resources. Pashupatinath Area Development Trust was founded by Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah in 1996, to maintain the resources within the temple premises. From that time till today, this temple is governed and regulated by administrative bodies.

Best Time to Visit Pashupatinath Temple:

Pashupatinath is open for a visit throughout the year, and anyone can visit any time. However, a crowd of people can be seen in the festive period, such as MahashivaRatri and Teej festival. In this period, people visit Pashupatinath to worship Lord Shiva. Other than that, the temple area can be seen crowded on Monday and Saturday. As Monday is the special day to worship Lord shiva, many people take fast on that day and visit Pashupatinath temple to worship Lord Shiva.

things to do in kathmandu

3. Visit Bhaktapur and explore Nagarkot sunrise

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Activity Duration: 8hrs
• Admire the glorious architecture and sky-high temples such as Nyatapol Temple,
Bhairabnath Temple, char-Dham temples
• You can get involved in a Nepalese Pottery workshop
• view snow-topped peaks
• Learn about the history of Changu Narayan Temple, the oldest temple in Nepal. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Visnu and held in special reverence by the Hindu people.
• Watch a stunning Himalayan Sunrise from the Observatory

Nagarkot located at the elevation of 6800ft above the sea level, 25 miles northeast of Kathmandu, Nepal.
Nagarkot is renowned as the best scenic spots for sunrise views of the Himalayas. From the view tower, you can observe the eye-catching snow-topped Mount Everest (8848m).

things to do in kathmandu

4. Visit IndraChowk and Asan

Location: Kathmandu.
Timings: Open from morning to evening.
Price: Entry is free.

Asan is Known as the famous market place for shopping in central Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. This place is famous for decades, and the section is known for its festival calendar and strategic location. Another traditional center that has a diverse range of products is known as Indra Chowk.

We can see the sale of blankets, cloth, and merchants covering the platforms of the Mahadev Temple for the selling purpose, which makes it more exciting for the travelers. You can see many shops on both sides of the street. A diverse range of products from spices to textiles, electronics, jeweler, clothes, food items, and many more can be found in this place at a reasonable price.

5. Visit Monasteries in Kathmandu

No wonder Kathmandu is the best destination for discovering historical, ancient, and cultural traits. Besides all those, Kathmandu serves as a perfect place for observing Buddhist monasteries and temples.
Nepal has a rich Buddhist culture, and temples here are centered on a blend of Buddhism and Hinduism.

The most famous monastery in the country is called Swayambhunanth Monastery, which is a legendary Buddhist Shrine. Apart from this, there’s Kopan Monastery and Bouddhanath monastery that should be visited.
It is a matter of pride that the stupa at Bouddhananth Monastery is enlisted in the World Heritage Cultural Site list by UNESCO.

Apart from this, the Swoyambhunath Monastery is well known for being one of the oldest monasteries in the world. Other abbeys, such as Namo Buddha Monastery, are located close by as well.
LumbiniMonastry is one of the most popular holiest pilgrimage places in the world and is located in Rupendehi District

6. Visit the Casino Royale

Location: The Casino is located in Kathmandu.

Best Time: All around the year.

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Hustling, Bustling life of Kathmandu makes one stressful, so take some time off! You can spend your quality time by visiting Casino Royale at Kathmandu. This place is a gaming and casino center, and people here come for refreshments and entertainment. This place comprises of over twenty games and thirty gaming machine. This casino includes two restaurants, along with a luxurious hotel supporting 110 rooms for relaxing.

Other than that, this place has several poker games for your enjoyment that you can sit and enjoy, including blackjack, baccarat, flush, and roulette. Moreover, the area offers a delightful restaurant, serene coffee house, and a bar as well where you can sit and enjoy yourself. This is a visit that will help you de-stress and rejuvenate, taking away the stresses of your life. You can even book a hotel room for your comfort.

7. Visit Garden of Dreams and Thamel Shopping and Hangout

A neo-classical historical garden, situated in the heart of Kathmandu city, Nepal, and famously known as the best refreshment destination, is called The Garden of Dreams. Garden of Dreams never fails the visitors with its exceptional beauty ever since it was opened to their delight.

We can observe dozens of stuff in such small gardens, such as the original gate, the new fountains and ponds, and a hidden garden to the south as well as a marble inscription from Omar Khayam rubaiyat. We can reach the Garden of Dreams with 5 mins walk from Thamel. We can feel proud of the Garden of Dreams as it is our identity as well as national heritage. It refreshes and relaxes the mind, body, and soul with its soothing and pristine environment.

It is considered as the gift from Lord Shiva, where we can be relaxed, chilled in the soothing, pristine environment escaping the chaotic streets of the Kathmandu. The beautifully restored SwapnaBaigicha, also known as Garden of Dreams, is a popular tourist place in Kathmandu that offers respite and rejuvenation from the stresses of the world. The garden was built in the 1920s and has been brought back to life by the Austrian financed team. The stunningly restored garden has gorgeous and refined details. The Garden of Dreams has been set as a perfect example of showing the beautiful transformation from history into modern amenity to lure tourists.

things to do in kathmandu

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Major Highlights of Thamel:

Explore Eateries (you can enjoy typical Nepali food as well as Indian, Chinese, and continental food). You can enjoy dancing in clubs and hanging out in the bars at night You can find abundant message therapy in Thamel to recover from the fatigue or pain Visit the store selling quality souvenirs Take the heritage walk in Thamel to discover more about Nepal’s art and culture

Thamel is the most popular tourist hub in the capital city of Kathmandu, which never sleeps. Thamel offers a wide range of mountaineering shops and foreign exchange booths targeting tourist. Thamel is considered as the pre-base camp for mountaineers. There are many travel agents and guesthouses available there. Thamel is a lively place 24/7, thus enjoying the nightlife of Thamel if very exciting. Along with this, some lanes inside a core Thamel are vehicle-free, which is quite nice for a change and enjoy your walk.

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